about kerrie

lead with story | write for impact | design from intention

When it's time for an intelligent designer
of storytelling & copywriting, get years of talent*...

…behind YOUR brand for sea-worthy results that can weather the storms.

* and a word nerd with a love for the art of email marketing and a memorable story.

Not knowing what to say to your readers or what business stories to share shouldn’t be the challenge that holds you back. 

Your emails & web copy might not be selling 24/7 for you, and a lack of emotion and relatable storytelling could be preventing you from connecting with your audience.

You could have a brilliant, creative product or service. But an attractive price and fancy images just aren’t enough in this economic storm.

(Yes, I know the truth hurts like being stabbed by a mermaid with a triton but I’m here to help).

that's where i dive in, with a pen mightier than any sword,
and a picasso-worthy collection of design tools.

You're the kind of creative entrepreneur
I want on deck... permission to come board granted!

Let's get you a bucket-full of ideas, words, and designs...

...and a strategy to make it all sync together

entrepreneurs / online shops / marketplaces

artists / musicians

coaches / consultants


photographers / videographers

authors / writers

weddings / events / calligraphers

health / wellness

kerrie legend, kerrie legend designs

An intense study of words and storytelling led me to discover how to better connect you with your readers through copywriting and design.

STORYTELLING EMAIL SEQUENCES & SALES COPY for people who love connecting with style.

before long, i became the storytelling designer go-to for creatives who need emails to convert

300+ clients, 90k email subscribers, and 5k students later, I’ve determined what creatives need for:

…to have high open rates, sales generating 24/7 income, and to deeply connect & resonate with your audience.

I’m the one person entrepreneurs know they can go to and get an honest opinion with solutions at the ready. I rely on data, the rules of design (which are made to be broken), and  effectiveness of word choice. 

Whether you’re the DIY-type or the kind of person who needs the hard work to be done on your behalf, know I serve both needs. Here, you can take courses, download how-to’s, watch tutorial videos, get ideas, access the resource library, and shop for solutions to meet your needs.

I know what it is to start from scratch and ground zero. But I also know the joys of finding shortcuts and applying common sense or basics. I’ve been in publishing and design for two decades. So I know a thing or two about storytelling, copywriting, and design.

As your captain, I’ll lead the way. As your steward, I’ll make sure you’re well taken care of. And believe me, with everything I give you for free, you’ll want me to STAY in your inbox.

interesting facts!

A little detail about me...

favorite word

pluviophile: one who loves the rain

tea of choice

vanilla chai with milk & honey

what do you collect?

fountain & glass pens, ebooks, my kids’ artwork, ink, mugs

music preference

Mendelssohn, Simply Red, The Skye Boat Song

favorite tv/movies

Outlander, Ozark, This is Us, Bridgerton, anything Star Wars 

favorite books

The Book of Beautiful Questions“, and “The Shadow of the Wind” by Carlos Ruiz Zafon

hill i’d die on

You don’t need social media to market your business. Just a solid email list. Be where you want to be.

core belief

Being generous and mindful to others benefits everyone.

family stats

Married to Joe [drone pilot videographer], mom to 6 boys, and 2 dogs, Ruby & Artemis

software preferences

Photoshop, Indesign

people surprised to know…

I used to design bridal stationery, and paid my way through college playing piano

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