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About Kerrie

When your heart drives you to create and help others find that magical intersection between passion, talent, profitability and focus, you’re going to find happiness in your daily work.

Answers to your hot topic questions about Kerrie, the Pinterest expert. Who are you? What is this place? Why should I care? Is it true you’re Scottish? What is it like having six little boys to raise? How come you have a millions of viewers on Pinterest?

Hey! I’m Kerrie.

a heart-driven creative

I was spending hours on designing eBooks and workbooks for my lead magnets. I needed to save time on this, because my customers are eager to learn about ways to improve their blogs for their own audiences. So I started creating templates that you can use, too, to create eBooks, workbooks, cheatsheets, media kits, and onboarding sequences quickly and easily so you can get back to creating.

all your burning questions answered

1. I love styled stock photography but loathe creating my own. It’s a lot of set up work. So I happily buy a lot of stuff from my fellow photographers. Because supporting people who are in the same field as you is rewarding. One of my favorite photography artists is Ulla Matison, at OntheMoon.

2. My family talks like Merida from the movie Brave, and every now and then I lose my perfect midwestern accent and go full throttle Scot on ye totty arse. I was born in Scotland before moving to the US, and my family has a long history of Naval service (must be where I get my love for the open seas). 

3. I didn’t decide on my major in graphic design until I started planning my wedding (a wedding I wouldn’t have until eight years later!), and that’s when I realized I wanted to create luxury brands and drop-dead-gorgeous wedding stationery. I went into marketing straight away with a graphics and computer science focus, and finished with a BA Graphic Arts, BS Marketing, and minors in Business Administration and Computer Science. It took me five very long years.

4. Writing doesn’t happen if the dishes are in the sink waiting to be washed. I. Just. Can’t. They have to be done.

5. I think avocado toast was way overrated. Sure I like it once in a while, but seriously. The hype?

6. I miss playing with Barbies. With six little boys in the house, all I get to play with are Legos and Minecraft. I enjoy the no-drama aspect of raising boys. I have enough trouble managing my own hair, let alone a little girl’s. But please send help. And someone, preferably with a vagina, for me to talk to.

7. I got really big on Pinterest after I did a LOT of testing. And I’ll teach you how to rise to the top of this giant traffic-flooding search engine when you take my course.

my newest published book & fav activities

A new book just landed on the shelves! Copy Cocktail shows you how to write persuasive, entertaining copy so that you get better conversion. It’s an art / science I’ve been working on myself! So I hope you’ll check that out. I write / edit about 5000-6000 words a day, we go boating a lot as a family (just went canoeing), and I enjoy copious amounts of coffee and fruit. And bread. Ok, cheese, too.

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pinterest tips

kerrie building & creating stuff

What I do: I’m a graphic designer and author specializing in writing copy for search engines. I love to work with neon and ethereal styles.

Who it’s for: People who love the retro look of the late 80’s with a modern flair, and light and airy branded luxury. You want a reason for people to visit your website with images that speak to them and words that relate to their situation. If you want returning customers to your website, here’s your solution: hire me to design your website.

Why it’s special: This is your opportunity to have a custom look to your brand that converts. After working 12 years in the corporate design field, specifically in bridal advertising and helping corporations build their bridal industry brands, I struck out on my own, because I wanted to help other women like me build a personal brand for themselves, and have the ability to work at home full time. I believe that women can build empires from their kitchens and couches. 

How it works: You place an order for a website design, and I send you some questions to get us started on the design phase. I prepare a branding style guide, complete with logo, colors, fonts, patterns and textures. I get everything prepared, send it to you for approval, and then design an incredible website complete with web copy for you. I’ll be there to hand you the keys to your site when it’s all finished, and you can start marketing it straight away.

“How can I work with you? I’m loving your work, so what should I do next?”

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