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What is This Fuckery? eBook


Includes 1 .epub file of the eBook.

A collection of inspiration, motivation, and WITF (what is this fuckery) moments from the eyes and fingertips of a self-published writer and author. Stories from behind the laptop after years of writing, editing, and hitting the upload button repeatedly have finally led to this book, sharing writerly wisdom, relatable situations to commiserate with, and funny anecdotes that could be shared online but probably shouldn’t.

“Because it’s too long for a Thread, and we know how much Kerrie loves Threads.”

Kerrie wakes up every morning, and like clockwork, fixes her favorite coffee in the only white Yeti mug she owns, fires up the laptop and monitor, and checks in to see what’s happening with the world.

“Oh look, chaos. And we’re still battling over whether romance needs to have a happily-ever-after. Haven’t we settled this? Don’t edit while you write? What is this fuckery? Where are my candy orange slices?!”

So many words could be said. But there’s a book to write, chapters to edit, copywriting to be completed, and five works-in-progress giving the side-eye. This is the life of a writer.

Laugh, chuckle, drop your jaw in shock, and whisper “WITF” multiple times with relatable stories about writing and self-publishing as Kerrie travels around the United States. She discusses writing rituals and routines, musings, writing hooks and asking beautiful questions, emotional support snacks, social media, introvertism, and how to achieve expert-level procrastination skills when productivity is questionable at best.

Chapters include but are not limited to:

– Proper, Good Uses of the Word “Fuckery”
– Whiskey Writing Sessions
– Beautiful Questions
– Daily Struggle Bus
– The Ink Trench
– Book of Afterwards
– Expert-Level Procrastination
– Ode to Writers
– Emotional Support Snacks
– Battle of the Brains
– Whip the WIP
– Creative Well Wishes
– Musings
– Funny Hooks

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