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Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. ~ Izaak Walton



from $500

by scheduled availability

website design for WordPress and Elementor

social media post image design

template design for social media

Your Navigator, the Designer

Got yourself in knots over a design project? Website layouts or techie stuff have you feeling like a beached whale on a sandbar? Lacking inspiration or design know-how? That’s where I jump onboard and help. I’ll help steer your boat in the right direction and get everything ship-shape. 

this is the service for you if you're drowning in lists of to-do's and are NOT a full-time designer and:

I’ll work with you and your brand to schedule out a date amenable to the calendar, look over what you’ve done previously, provide suggestions, and begin work when you’re ready. After an hour, I’ll check in with the boat-load I’ve created thus far, and have you adjust the rudders if you’d like me to go a different path.

You keep the original files I create. I love creating things you’ll get multiple uses from, and make it easy for you to repurpose the work I do for other pages, posts, and purposes. Get the most out of your time with me by coming aboard knowing exactly what you need, with the brand tools you’d like me to work with. I’ll let you know in advance what is possible to fully accomplish in the time we have, and pointers on how to maximize the use of the creative work I finish for you. But first, tell me what you really need!



from $500

by scheduled availability

storytelling idea plan for emails & blog posts

long-form sales page copy, email nurture, & sales sequence

phrase & word generator for branded theme copy

Copywriter, a Siren of the Seas

Can’t find the words? Need ideas, phrases, words, and theming for your brand? A done-for-you compilation of brainstorming and research of words and phrases that calls customers to action like sirens of the sea.

this is the service for you if you want to sound clever online but don't have the time to play with words

Listen, I know not everyone desires to be a writer. I love words. I gave a whole year of my life to studying storytelling. If you’re not selling, or wish you had. a clever word-mix of phrases to weave into your sales copy and blog posts, this is probably for you. I’ll do the hard work on your behalf and come up to the surface with brilliant ideas, having beaten the Kraken.

You get my notes, the research of phrases and words, suggestions, drafts (in case something I wrote but didn’t use is useful to you), and lists I create during your scheduled time. After an hour, I’ll check in and make sure it’s resonating with you. We’ll change course if necessary! So, just tell me what you need.


I work on a no-reject work flat rate hourly.  The minimum I charge is $500, which gets you 5 hours of creative work. Everything I create in that amount of time is yours to keep. Which means you keep the templates, images, and the original files. I have found that clients LOVE this because they get more creative work from me.


I record my screen the whole time I’m working on your project (which I provide to you at the end of the project). So you know and can see the work that was done. 


After an hour into your project, I will check in with a sample of the work I’ve completed thus far. It’s an opportunity for you to let me know what you like / don’t like so I use the time wisely creating amazing work for you. But you keep everything!


Another thing my clients like is they get the original files, which makes it easy for you to make a tweak in case you need to change the wording or color, or maybe add some more details.

I do not offer “completed project” terms. I simply offer an hourly basis of $150/hour, work efficiently and effectively, and complete as much as I can with creative quality. I offer a beginning bundle of 5 hours, and each hour after that is $150.

The reason I do this is to cut down time it takes to get things done, and going back and forth with edits is just not my style (and takes up so much time)! I know you value my time, and I value yours, which is why I only offer hourly no-reject work, where you don’t reject anything I’ve worked on (you keep it all) but instead, you get more out of the design time we have together.

Hey! I understand your project may be smaller, but currently, I’m only taking projects that require 5 hours or more. I only pick up my crayons for larger projects, as sharpening my weapons of choice and preparing for your project takes time. 

Easy! Fill out the form after you hit the “Let’s Begin” button. Let me know if you need copywriting or design. Then, give me some details, some examples of what you need, what you like/don’t like, and describe what your project is for.

Then, I’ll create an invoice, write out the scope and terms of how that time is to be spent, the expectations set in writing, and I’ll send you an invoice. Once it’s paid, I’ll commence work at the agreed-upon time, and will finish that same day the work is scheduled. First come, first served. It’s quite easy!

Great question – the work I do for clients is for end-user only, for personal use or use for ONE brand. Which means it cannot be replicated or resold. So if I create/design a set of Canva templates or any other templates for your business, neither you or I will resell them or use them for another brand. 

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