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Work with Me

Are you an author or a blogger? I help both kinds of creatives in developing easy, genius and creative visual marketing strategies that get engagement and results!

I also have courses designed for both bloggers and authors, which not only are a great way to learn new skills but also get to know me better, too!


My flagship, most favorite, course that I offer is called the ‘very kerrie masterclass‘. It includes 52 courses that you’ll have access to instantly that I’ve created for the heart-driven creative influencer like yourself. In addition, ALL of my ebooks, workbooks, planners, printables, and handouts. And you can get all that for a cool price of $99.

Website Design

Your site could be a constant flow of income. If we position your platform just right, you could have ebooks selling at any time of the day, courses people are interested in learning from, and constant website traffic where people continuously come back to see what you have to say. The layout and design of your site, combined with gorgeous images, is what keeps people coming back for more.

Want a site with a style like mine or one of my portfolio examples? You can learn more about my site designs here.

Pinterest Marketing

I can bring your slow-moving Pinterest account into the growth lane with a lot of the strategies I’ve tested that are also Pinterest-approved. I help bloggers and entrepreneurs including micro brands with building a huge presence on Pinterest. If you need website traffic and want to be seen, discovered, and have people be inspired by your products or services, Pinterest is the place to be going forward. Pinterest is a community of people who are there to try new things, and buy products.

I charge $300/month for Pinterest account management, and guarantee growth* with my services. That includes pinning up to 200 pins per day, and sharing them on both your account and my own, but also within tribes that will be interested.

*Account must be reviewed prior to signing up and approved by me for content, strategy, and product. Please fill out the contact form below to get more information.