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What's Included in the Guidebook

Inside this 60+ page lead magnet workbook is a comprehensive workbook, challenge, checklists, reverse engineering flow, mapping guide, and outline. Plus, you’ll have over 90 lead magnet type ideas to work with. 

The Most Comprehensive Guide

If you’ve ever wanted to impress your readers from the start by helping them solve challenges from start to finish, this is the guide you’ll want to have with you at all times. 

Refer back to it as many times as you need to while you generate ideas, create positive habits for lead magnet creation, and grow your email list.

Creating lead magnets to draw your audience in is one of the primary marketing strategies of any flourishing online brand. The right kind of lead magnet will help convert new audiences into the stage of brand awareness, to interest, consideration, evaluation, and eventually, a purchase. Sometimes your audience will not even know they have an existing challenge until you make them aware they might have a problem. You can be the one to make them aware, help them solves it, get their interest in your brand, and ultimately, convert that audience into loyal customers.

Because a lead magnet is often the first impression someone will get of your brand, you want to make sure you design it well, make it rich with content, and ensure it helps your reader solve a problem. Creating your lead magnet is not hard at all, and this comprehensive workbook guide will assist you in developing your ideas for content.

It’s no surprise lead generation is challenging. But the smartest, most effective way to conquer the hurdle is to offer something valuable in exchange for your reader’s engagement. This is where a free guide, a download, or access to something you offer will help. Lead generation can be tough. Asking for an email address in exchange for something is like a bribe to subscribe. But, it’s a way for your reader to get something valuable in exchange for their private email address. Quality lead magnets are the smartest approach to lead generation.

They are engaging. Some magnets have the potential to create thousands of leads in a relatively short period of time (like one of mine that built 40,000 leads in 30 days). When you ‘know’ your readers’ problems and can offer an immediate solution, you make an irresistible offer.

They can generate pre-qualified leads. If your offer addresses a specific niche or is created for a particular demographic audience, it can help you attract the kinds of customers who may already be interested in what you are offering. They’ll want to learn more, and you can start selling your products straight away from your opt-in. We call these leads pre-qualified, because they’re already interested in that specific topic.

They provide value. Free high-quality content provides great value. If your opt-in is smart and relevant, it shows your customers that you’re not just trying to sell them something and get their money.

They’re shareable! It’s easy to share links to your research or to embed your video in a blog post.

You become the thought leader or authority. Lead magnets, such as case studies, manuals or research help you position yourself as an expert in your industry. You can show your potential customers that you are good at what you do and know how to help them.

From free checklists to free coaching sessions, you can offer your reader anything that can be readily received. If your lead magnet is resonating with your reader, you can build your email list and earn your leads without annoying them. Lead magnets reward users for their engagement. And with a quality lead magnet, both you and your reader get an obvious advantage. Let’s go through the basics of lead magnets, from what they are to ideas you can use to generate a profitable email list.

What is a Lead Magnet?

A lead magnet is the free download or offer that subscribers to  your email list receive after signing up.. This is the main freebie that you will promote on a designated landing page on your site.

Lead magnets differ from content upgrades in that they tend to be lengthier. Content upgrades are typically smaller in content, or offer much less. Generally speaking, anything offered from a blog post is classified as a content upgrade, whereas a lead magnet uses a landing page to draw in subscribers. Both will generate email list growth.

Either way, the goal is to give people a solid reason to sign up for your emails. Inboxes often get cluttered the way it is; offering something of high value, like I discuss in the guidebook, is what will keep your subscriber tuned in to your emails, because they’ll want more.

Opt-ins and freebies are often offered as a PDF document, but that’s not the only option. Here are some basic forms your opt-in or freebie can take. In the guidebook, I list out over 90 different lead magnet ideas and options::

I am determined to help you create better lead magnets with my custom Canva templates. They are perfect for creating any lead magnet you dream up or want to create. Plus, Canva is an easy-to-use program that will help you craft your perfect lead magnet together quickly.

Learn more about how my custom Canva templates will help you convert more leads to customers, and pick up a free guidebook on creating the perfect high-converting lead magnet

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How to Create a Lead Magnet

Creating an opt-in or freebie involves a little reverse engineering on your part. You first have to start with your end product that you want people to purchase, and work your way back to a topic that applies to that product. 

Successful opt-ins that convert like crazy is all about aligning your product and opt-in together.

To do this, the middle part has to have one element of the seven discussed in the guidebook: solve a challenge. Help your subscriber master something, learn how to solve a problem, or how to fix something. 

While many bloggers believe that 1-2 page checklists are ‘perfectly fine’, know that they’re not anymore. 1-2 page checklists barely scratch the surface, and you want to demonstrate your depth and breadth of knowledge as a first impression. Successful ones are longer, more in-depth, and the best ones sell right from your document or offer. 

1-2 page checklists or 2-page documents are not going to directly sell from the top of your funnel, simply because they’re just not long enough and have no promotional material attached to them.

Fantastic documents, opt-ins, and documents will be helpful to your subscribers, and also demonstrate your value, worth, and why they should do business with you. Your professional expertise needs to shine! Don’t blow the opportunity to shine on a lackluster checklist.

Once you’ve decided on the the reverse engineering and content topic for your lead magnet, you’ll want to decide what kind of format would be best to share that information. You can learn more about formats and styles in the guidebook. 


Types of Opt-in Freebies

PDFs are great, long-sustaining documents that can be constructed with software apps like Canva, InDesign, or even Photoshop. To start, be sure to use a template, which will save you time. There are several in my shop to choose from that differ in style, options, and layout. I recommend self-hosting it on your website for delivery (you can track downloads), but some people choose to use Dropbox, Google Drive, Flodesk, or another email delivery service. 

Email Courses are perfect for drip content that can be delivered over time. I highly recommend using Flodesk for something like this. You could also use email delivery of your opt-in for challenges, an email series, or even for a long story with teachable moments that needs to be broken up for ease of reading.

Service-Based Lead Magnets like free consultations, coaching sessions, require your time, and are not sustainable for the long-term. This could be something you could offer if you’re just starting out and have the time, but if you’re established and do not require a clientele growth then skip anything that requires your time. 

Memberships, Vaults, Libraries, and Other Digital Products can be set up in advance, and your opt-in is simply access to these items. Gated content such as these are highly valuable and will keep your new subscriber quite busy, browsing and poking around on your website for days on end.


Lead Magnet Ideas

The guidebook has over 90 lead magnet ideas and descriptions on what they are and how they work. But just to get you started, here are some additional lead magnet ideas: 

Based on your professional or niche expertise, your lead magnet idea or concept may be different than someone else’s! Here are a few lead magnet ideas based on topics: 


Get your guidebook today!

Inside this 60+ page lead magnet workbook is a comprehensive workbook, challenge, checklists, reverse engineering flow, mapping guide, and outline. Plus, you’ll have over 90 lead magnet type ideas to work with. 

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