hey, creatives-if you're looking to connect with your audience and sell more (especially in times of economic turmoil), it's crucial you check this out.


Your audience won't be captivated by your brand or products...
unless you connect with them based on emotion with storytelling.

Storytelling for Creatives is a design & writing course geared to help you understand the art & science of business storytelling, hook your audience, strategize, collect, and write stories for your business marketing.

"Stories constitute the single most powerful weapon in a leader’s arsenal.”

it's time to

… sail far away from posting blogs and social media content with random prompts. Emailing without making your customer the hero… along with writing stories on the fly that don’t emotionally connect or resonate with your audience. And writing stories off the top of your head without a plan or purpose with a hard sales pitch? That can take a long walk off a short pier, too.

If you sit down to write an email sequence, and the first thing you do isn’t going to a storytelling copy bank you’ve created along with your list of branded theme word collection…

… it’s time to regroup.

Storytelling isn’t just about thinking up random events that have happened or talking about your customers’ successes. At the same time, if you’re not telling stories without selling, then you’re probably turning away people who are tired of being sold to. 

Your readers don’t necessarily care about what you did for a client that got them wild success. Your audience cares about what you and your products/services will do for THEM. And storytelling is a way of getting off of the small dinghy boat you’ve been cruising on and onto a bigger ship.

Let me ask you…

How are your daily sales when you're
not on an active launch?

Random content without emotion-based storytelling campaigns are not a long-term strategy. You’d have to constantly keep up the hype for your services and products and launch regularly. 

That’s exhausting.

If you want people to get to know you, understand your ‘why’, and fall in love with your brand, then you first need to get organized with storytelling, learn to connect with emotion, and write a story that is right for every single post, blog, image, or email.

If you are trying to run your business using social media, blog posts, and email campaigns without a solid storytelling strategy during times of uncertainty, you might find yourself clinging to a life raft for business survival.

-> here are the top 3 most unhelpful storytelling tips business creatives are told

“Your products and services will sell like wildfire if you tell your email list everything you did for your other clients.”

Wrong. Making yourself and other clients the hero instead of focusing on what your reader is actually interested in is a surefire way to turn people off. How will they know what you offer will be right for them? Relying heavily on customer success stories is not good marketing. 

“Just copy what the big brands do. They have great story examples.”

The thing about storytelling is that stories belong to unique people and brands. People are looking, more now than ever before, to support local and small business creators; not pandemic-profiteering big brands. So why would you want to copy their story content? Your storytelling content is unique to your brand, and should be created from the ground up. While it’s good to reference or review what big brands are up to for ideas, mimicking their storylines is not advisable, because it doesn’t fit your brand.

“Share a story that fits your agenda and align it with your product or service.”

Following this advice alone without adding stories for the purpose of know, like & trust is a surefire way to decrease your email list. Not every story needs to end with a pitch. Some stories are designed to get people on board with your worldview. Some stories serve the purpose to touch hearts and open minds; not wallets. While it’s good to have stories that sell, it’s equally important to know how to write stories that connect based on emotion to get readers coming back for more. 

“We are all storytellers. We all live in a network of stories. There isn’t a stronger connection between people than storytelling.”

do any of these scenarios resonate with you?

>>> “I feel overwhelmed by storytelling; like it’s another buzzword that will be a phase. But something tells me I’m wrong and just need a process. But I don’t have any interesting stories to share. I get up, I create, and post my listing for sale, and email it out. My products don’t really have a story to accompany them, so I just send out freebies from time to time to get people to stay on my email list, and make sales whenever I have a new release. Surely there’s a better way.”


>>>”I’m just getting started, and no one knows who I am. I can’t post that my course can be found on places like Forbes or Huffington Post because I’m working fresh out of the pocket. I’m blogging about tips and best practices in my niche, and try to share stories, but am hearing crickets when I offer something for sale. Do people just not like what I have created? Why are they even staying on my email list? How am I supposed to make any money with my course if I have people on my email list I can’t seem to connect with?”


>>>”I have purchased writing prompts before, but it feels like what I’m posting is for entertainment and it lacks strategy and meaning. I get good engagement when I post, but I’m feeling disorganized and storytelling is not my forte. I want to leave a legacy and be known for something. Prompts help, but I think I need something that will help get me organized with my content.”


>>>”My email list has a mixture of people with different needs and wants. Some have fears, others want more joy. How do I tailor my content to connect with people who have different emotions?”


>>>”I have no idea how to add stories into my blog–I can’t think of any stories off the top of my head! But I definitely want to add stories and work on my writing skills. Because I know that storytelling will help protect my content and make it un-copy-able.”


>>>”I think people like my brand story. I get emails about that all the time. But when it comes to selling and sharing a story about my individual products and services, I fall flat on my keyboard. My creative well is dry.


>>>”I wish I could get away from what’s popular with jargon like “girl boss” and “slaying it” to copywriting that’s more unique to me. I wish I had a theme and a mission that identifies with my audience, and sales copy to match the stories I can share.”


>>>”Random people buy my work, but I don’t think people actually know me that well. I’m not popular. I wish I could be more personable with my audience. But other than what my kids did that was goofy this morning, I have no idea what to write that would be relevant to what I offer.”

if so, it's time to

Ditch disorganized, random storytelling that doesn't flow from one email to the next or directly align with your values, mission, goals, products, or services, and instead...

… use this detailed course to learn to write wildly effective stories centered on emotion that help you connect with your audience and sell your products & services at the same time.


Here's the thing...

If your brand isn’t using stories regularly as part of your email marketing or content plan, you’ll find yourself scraping the sand for sales just like every other hype-oriented marketer. Gorgeous products and guarantee-riddled services alone are not enough to attract and keep customers. 

And if you’ve had empty launches, crickets on new products, and feel like you’re in a huge ocean with a sea of similar products, then you know exactly what I’m talking about.

The world’s best marketers are storytellers. But how do you become one? Well, this course is your answer.

STOP thinking that telling stories without understanding the art, science, and emotions that impact your audience is going to make you tons of money. It won’t. 

I love storytelling. It’s engrained in my blood, it’s part of my career as a published author, and it’s part of my everyday visual strategy. 

And I’m here to make storytelling for your brand easy, fun, organized, idea-generating, and insightful as you dive into creating star-worthy writing habits for your brand.

"The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller. The storyteller sets the vision, values and agenda of an entire generation that is to come."

Any story is a good one as long as it's authentic and leads to a product, right?

Haha, nope.

Some of the best stories I’ve read connected with me brands that weren’t actively pitching me with a sale. Not every story needs to involve a solution. Not every story needs to sell. What every story needs to do is instead, trigger emotion that causes your reader to take action. 

As I watch marketing evolve along with design, it has become clear to me that how we build audiences must change. 

It’s no longer impressive to be the biggest flagship.

No one cares if you reeled in a whale of a client.

What matters is how a story is designed, what it’s intended to do, and how you make your reader feel. Are you attracting readers who like you and understand your ‘why’?

your story matters.

But are you telling it in a way that connects with your audience and sells your offers?

You may not be a writer. Doesn’t matter. This is a skill that can be learned. (And make you a ton of money). Even with just this course.

In today’s climate, learning how to write masterful stories can be the difference of winning hearts and minds vs. losing a sale.

Thousands of big brands miss out on storytelling big time. They miss the mark in connecting with audiences. They hire expensive copywriters… but nothing is as good as an authentic story written from the creator themself.

But maybe you’ll be the one person in your niche who masters this art of storytelling. And perhaps, you’ll do it better than a big brand could.

as i designed and wrote more stories to build my business, this smacked me in the face like a flying fish.

All it took were two (2) emails in my email nurturing sequence for me to understand the power of a story.

They were my most engaging emails. I got the most opens (over 50% open rate), most clicks to my shop (even without a sales pitch or product attached), and it turns out, even small moments with a stranger can teach a lesson.

I wrote more stories geared for my business brand. My confidence grew. Then I started writing copy some of my treasured clients, and transformed their cliche copy into unique, themed branded web content. Phrases and words started to lift themselves off the page and blended beautifully with their values and brand purpose. 

Clients loved it. And I shared my research and reasoning with them. Yes, handed it all over. Success followed soon after. And money started showering from the heavens… Their website started converting sales. Their copy was resonating and connecting their ideal people.

What I had created was not just a system, but rather a process of collecting stories, words, phrases, a means to organize it all, and generate story ideas worthy of being shared with others. Based on art, science, emotions, and words.

And here we are, today.



… my flagship course + business marketing story idea generator,
Storytelling for Creatives.

business storytelling marketing for brands & content creators

The Course

The course to generate, strategize, and organize your storytelling content that connects emotion-based stories with action.

Whether it’s your web copy, product, service, social media post, or email sequence (yes, you can use this for everything you write), you can build a story & copy bank filled with relevant ideas for your brand. Build a consistent branded copy theme and story timeline, and sell or teach your creative content with meaningful purpose.

learn the art & science of storytelling for business marketing

write stories for your brand, products, services, and email list

use the prompts, templates, timelines, storyboards, and exclusive hook writing practice center

fill your creative well and plan your stories so your emails flow from one to the next

build positive storytelling habits, challenge yourself, and hook new customers with words & stories

-> if you love courses that are a game-changer that evolve you into a better writer & marketer (and wildly popular in any social setting for your epic stories)...

know that by the end of this course, you'll...

No. 1

Know exactly what emotion words to use in your copy to identify how your reader might be feeling and trigger action–so you can convert your offers and solutions easily, at the right time. Readers are not always frustrated or activated by fear of missing out. And it took me years to figure out that hustle, scarcity, and limited time offers are not the most effective forms of marketing. I’m going to walk you through every step of emotion identification so that every email you send out triggers action and draws your audience closer to you.

No. 2

Have an arsenal of storytelling ideas designed to help your audience get to know you, your brand, products, and services all while making the customer the hero. I’ll show you how easy it is to hook any reader in from Pinterest, social media, or any other source so they can read the whole story. All while you stay organized and consistent with your messaging, values, purpose, and drive traffic to your flagship offers.

No. 3

Create and plan stories for your marketing with specific intent and purpose instead of posting just to be present and fishing for sales. Your creative well will be full with prompts, to-do’s, templates, and easy-to-use writing & design guides to put a whole brand & theme together. All while building positive habits with writing… working together as smoothly as a crew guiding a boat to a finish line.

"Whenever you tell a story in an email campaign, the moment the recipient opens up your email is when you become the most powerful person in the room."

quit struggling to share stories solely to fill content
or sell your products or services.

Sometimes we’re so busy creating, designing, and writing how-to blog posts or working for others that we forget to share the one thing in common. Stories.

What moves, inspires, and teaches us. What we feel. What we long for.


Connect with your audience by telling stories they’ll actually want to hear.

what's inside

From emotions and story ideas to hooks and formulas, this is my storytelling go-to resource system, including:

the stats

the numbers

6 organized course parts with modules linked for easy access

1,000+ pages of guidebook and supplemental content

Online website access and exclusive course student login

60 modules with guidebooks, workbooks, presentation slides, homework, activities, resources, key points

10+ hours of video training, hook writing practice center, supplements

2 months of daily emailed coaching right in your inbox.

VIP exclusive – week Copy Chat for 60 days after course launch on April 25


added content

Assessments, cheat sheets, writing exercises, social media Canva storytelling pack, personal color story anecdote collection, audience mediums, Trello boards, checklists, timeline templates, about page template, story selling methods, avatar discover sheets, Story Method for Email Marketing, themed storytelling idea sheets, story starter template set (like, how the hekkin’ do you start a story?), Evernote templates, archetypes, writing practice center (so cool it emails you your work!), outlines, brand core design kit, story audit, hero’s journey for business marketers, challenges, formulas, and roadmaps.

website templates

formatted for stories

With Elementor, I’ve made storytelling easy so you can pick and choose the format you want, combine it with your images, and launch full-scale stories, branded memos, and nurture your audience with unique content that is un-copy-able! Blog posts, web pages, About page, and the Branded Story templates are yours free with the Storytelling for Creatives course.


Get some extra goodies for signing up TODAY. 

who are you - a storytelling expert?

“That’s what I do. It’s what I LIVE for.” – Ursula, The Little Mermaid


I built my brand on words and design skills. That’s it. Not on hype, popularity, social media, or some trust fund. I’m a published author/writer by trade, designer by college degree. 

From the moment I wake up and slam some coffee until I lay down and watch the stars, I’m either writing or designing visuals. That’s my passion. It’s what I do. An appreciation for art, science, and learning helps, too. Sharing my own stories and experiences with you comes with the job. 

i don't buy into the hustle and hype of marketing. i'd rather fall in love or be inspired to buy with a story.

Who am I?

Hello, I’m Kerrie Legend–your captain, ready to set sail on this course.

I’ve been a big fan of Greek mythology all my life. So many business lessons can be derived from these stories. Some of my favorites include mermaids, true stories of sunken ships like the SS Edmund Fitzgerald, and sirens of the sea. 

As a descendant of a long line of sailors, I’ve sat patiently, listening to tales of the sea my whole life. Some true, some mysteriously unsolved, some too tall for any part to be believable. 

I’ve been writing since 2007, and designing love stories in the form of wedding stationery since I was in college. Hundreds of clients and multiple six-figure years later, I made storytelling a personal and professional study, taking a year to master, craft, and work on my own writing. 

Through that process of curating and developing ideas for stories, I created a collection of prompts and templates I built for myself and my copywriting web clients. And with learning, I discovered what NOT to do when sharing stories as a business brand.

I teach key storytelling skills to help you be CLEAR about your brand, products, and services--while connecting with your audience based on emotion and action.

Even if you’re not a writer or author, this is a skill that is FUN to learn. You won’t have to pay for expensive copywriting services (because even super-generous writers charge a pretty penny), you’ll connect with your audience on a mutual level (because we all experience emotions and love stories), and I make every attempt to make things fun and uniquely creative.

because i believe there's a storyteller in you, and i believe words have power to shape and change minds and hearts.

So I’m keeping the price of this course reasonable for a reason.

With the pandemic, inflation rates, and the world going mildly crazy, I’m giving you the opportunity to get pre-launch pricing at a rate that is fair for you, and fair for effort and work that went into building this world-changing course.

i want you to get on board with this course...

...for just $997

You get everything listed above and below for $997.

more inside scoop

Because I’m as transparent as a see-through-bottom kayak, here are even more details about what’s inside the course, so you can feel good about investing in yourself, and determine if this is a good investment for your current skillset.

Each module builds upon the last, so it’s recommended to go in order of the modules. 

You’ll have LIFETIME access to the course. (ie, until my ashes are spread at sea).

business storytelling marketing for brands & content creators

this course is worth over $3200, but today you can get it...

...for just $997



…whether you have a basic question, need clarification, or just need to feel better about the course, I’m here to answer questions!

how long will this course take me?

While the course has 10 hours of video, and you could watch all the videos theoretically in a day, the course does comes with a ton of business assets and tools to write stories for your brand or business. So if you do things “the right way” and put effort into your business as you learn, you could potentially transform your business into a story-filled empire in as little as 60 days. One module a day, practicing and doing the homework along with using the supplemental materials, is what I feel would be best for any student. This is not a skill you want to rush… but rather, work through with practice.

will this course be available year-round?

This course will only be offered two times per year. The course will go into the vault on June 26 and will not be offered again until November 2022. So if this is something you’re interested in learning to do, I would recommend getting on board now!

You will have LIFETIME ACCESS to this course once you’re enrolled.

how is this different than a copywriting course?

Copywriting courses are always a great investment. This course focuses on storytelling copywriting, which involves both fiction and non-fiction copy to share your worldview. In traditional copywriting, the focus is clear messaging and explanation of a brand. Storytelling is more of an expression of yourself, and much more creative! There are endless options to how you can tell a story, making this a unique skill to refine and cultivate as a writer.

i'm not a "creative" but i sell products online ... is this for me?

Of course! Learning how to tell stories can be a skillset you can integrate into product descriptions and your overall marketing. Building marketing campaigns based on emotion, goals, needs, wants, desires and challenges is exactly what this course covers. 

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