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Here you’ll find all the books by Kerrie Legend (moi) on Amazon. I’ve included the blurbs to each one for your convenience so you can decide if it’s a book on a subject you want to know more about. Most of my books specialize in Pinterest marketing, but I do traverse a bit into the email marketing and copywriting business topics as they relate to basic to professional blogging skills.

Pinterest Marketing: 80k to 14+ Million in 3 Months

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Pin great images. Check.
Use quality keyword phrases. Check.
Follow boards and profiles that your audience will love. Check.

You’ve done everything the experts have said to do, but are only getting marginal traffic on your website on Pinterest. What about amplification? How do you reach over 1 million, 5 million, or even 10 million viewers on a regular basis?

Pinterest Marketing: 80k to 14+ Million in 3 Months focuses not just on the basic aspects of growing your blog into a business, but also how to amplify your Pinterest reach so that your website receives hundreds of thousands of viewers daily, growing your email list and makes the conversion from visitor to happy customer.

Find out exactly how to reach over 10 million monthly viewers regularly with the 3 key things Kerrie Legend discovered in testing over 10 accounts and working with bloggers and writers just like you. There are three critical things that took accounts from growing in followers from single digits a day to over a hundred daily, increased monthly views, and brought higher conversion to domain pins.
Pinterest has been through a lot of changes in the past year. It’s growing. It’s evolving, and looking at an IPO in 2019. And you can use this powerful search engine to grow and evolve your business as well, from one that is constantly marketing on the outbound to focusing on inbound marketing.

If your email newsletter list is suffering or you’re not growing as fast as you’d like with your business, this is the book for you.

Why Pinterest? Pinterest is an incredible search engine tool that is perfect for bloggers and marketers to grow their businesses online. The trouble is, most website owners either do not have their Pinterest account set up correctly or are not using Pinterest to gain followers, grow their blog and get free website traffic.
Imagine a situation or your life if you could… Grow your online traffic and social media following like you couldn’t imagine in just an hour a week.

Constantly draw in new clients and customers (not to mention traffic) who are excited to hear what you have to say and are more than willing to share it with their friends and followers. A blogger’s dream, right?!

Become the online leader in your area of expertise. Be the go-to person for in-the-know. Have a social media following that you can rely on to engage with you. To buy your products, services, etc.

Have business growth without spending money on ads. Have orders come in and be able to pinpoint exactly where the traffic is coming from.

Have extra hours in your day to create amazing content, engage with your audience and spend time enjoying life away from your blog, knowing it will continue growing even while you aren’t working (maybe even sleeping!). Practically everything you do will become automated, and you can sit back, smile and go do other fun things.

Kerrie Legend developed a course on Pinterest and is sharing her expertise on this amazing online resource so bloggers, authors, and marketers like you can benefit and grow. Learn how to design pins, automate using 3rd party services like Buffer, Tailwind, other authorized platforms, and use pins and boards strategically to get viral attention for your website.

Email Marketing Magic: Lead Magnets, Sales Funnels, Opt-in Freebies, and Content Upgrades – from Amateur to Expert

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Master email marketing and create swoon-worthy lead magnets, opt-in freebies, content upgrades, and learn how to write a custom sales funnel that reflects your brand and unique voice.

If you have struggled with what to send your audience, have low-converting sales from email marketing, or want to learn how to streamline your marketing into something more meaningful and useful to both you and your audience, THIS is the book you’ll want to read.

Any of the following situations resonate with what is happening in your daily business life?

The evil blank cursor taunts you from a white screen as you try to figure out what to send your email list.

Your freebie incentive just isn’t working. You get maybe a few signups every month, but the unsubscribes cancel out your growth. You’re not growing your email list.

You know that email sequences work, but yours is sad, pitiful, or it’s not bringing in sales like you had hoped.

You’ve worked hard at growing your email list, but 80% of your list doesn’t even open your emails (aka freebie hoarders), and you’re paying your email service provider good money.

You don’t really know what you’re doing, so you’re shooting from the hip with each and every email, trying to be clever, and instead of sales, you end up with a bunch of unsubscribes instead.

If ANY of this sounds like what is happening to you, Email Marketing Magic: Lead Magnets, Sales Funnels, Opt-in Freebies, and Content Upgrades – from Amateur to Expert will help you establish a firm foundation for an automated way to identify with your ideal audience, set the tone from the top with your lead magnet, how to deliver surprises and value with each and every email, and you’ll learn how to close that sale with gentle nudging and a consistent brand message.

It’s not just about the size of the list (although big converting lists really help). It’s whether that list converts.

Let’s unpack what you’re going to learn in Email Marketing Magic:
• What staying on-brand in your email messaging really means and what entrepreneurs forget when they’re writing and designing those emails

• Welcome email essentials and what it needs to accomplish and include

• Features and benefits your lead magnet has to address in order to lead to a conversion

• How to create and stick to an email editorial calendar

“I have 20,000 page views a month and only get maybe 50 new subscribers every month.”
“My sales funnel gets a lot of new subscribers but no one is buying my product.”
“I get a lot of engagement leading up to my product, but no one buys it. Does it suck? Is it overpriced? Not enough value?”

These are all problems and challenges that luckily can be fixed. Good news, yeah?! Stop feeling anxious. Stop stressing. Maybe even take some days off? Because you can afford to?

Here’s what else is inside:
• Over 600 email headlines that convert, segmented by scenario or goal
• Writing prompts for your emails

• Design tips for your lead magnets from a full-time graphic designer
• How to build a sales funnel

• Systems, resources, and tools recommendations to put it all together and execute with confidence

• Guidance on how to handle freebie hoarders so you can save money and only attract people that will actually buy from you

So stop struggling today. Today will be the day you say “enough”, and will build your best email marketing plan, have the headlines that will get you the open, and content that is intriguing and converts to sales. Get a fresh perspective from a blogging professional and click “Buy Now”!

Pinterest Marketing 2021: New Ideas, Features, Strategies, & Recommended Marketing Methods for Content Creators

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2020 was a crazy year, and marketers who were present on the planet’s second largest search engine found themselves flourishing with online sales. Were you one of them? If not, this book will get you in step with the changes in recommended best practices, strategies, and features that occurred in 2020. Let 2021 and beyond be your best years for online presence and sales.

Discover new ideas for pinning and how to best accommodate the viewing preferences of your audience. See firsthand the testing results of story pins vs. regular pins, and how they matched up to video pins. Are group boards even relevant anymore or can you live without them? Should you follow an application’s best practices recommended for pinning frequency or does the size of your account mean you should do something different?

The world was burning. Businesses left and right were having to close down. Yet, despite all of this, businesses and strategic marketers. with a substantial presence on Pinterest flourished during months where people were out of work or stuck at home. Are you ready to prepare yourself for more of the stay-at-home economy that emerged out of 2020?

Learning some new ideas, features, strategies, and recommended marketing methods will help you create long-term staying power regardless if there’s an economic or worldwide crisis. Insulate your business for the future! Pinterest Marketing 2021 gives you the knowledge you’ll need to be a flourishing content creator for any economic climate.

Pinterest Marketing Amplification: 7 Methods to Amplify Your Reach and Boost Sales Conversions

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Why amplify on Pinterest? Isn’t pinning 4 images per post or page enough? Shouldn’t looping pins keep my content in front of Pinterest users? Is paying for tribes in Tailwind really worth it? Why should I worry about spreading out my images and evaluate my pinning frequency? What’s the deal with promoting ads? Do I need to spend money in order to be found? How can I get more people to be more aware of my brand? None of my landing pages are converting even though I get a lot of Pinterest traffic—what am I doing wrong?

So many questions. I have a lot of answers for you.

You’re about to learn about the 7 Methods of Pinterest Amplification. This book focuses intensely on content creation, efficient pinning, and search, so you can get back to writing and creating. For example, how to get more pins out there streaming in a steady flow of pre-qualified readers to your website. Numbers and analytics—what matters and what to look at closer than what you might currently be. The mindset of the user. Writing clever headlines, making preview pins and drawing a pre-qualified audience into your world.

But most importantly, how to get you to the point where you have a winning strategy—defined as incoming sales so routine that you’re able to rank on whatever platform you’re selling on, be able to count on a more frequent sales trend, and plan new products with confidence.

Create remarkable posts so you can use pieces of it to build your pillars of content. Spend more time creating and writing while Pinterest helps you find your future customers who are already expressing an interest in what you offer.

That’s why we’re on Pinterest in the first place, right? To find our people. To get them to see us for the talented writers and creators and sources of inspiration that we are. To generate sales.

I have looked forward to writing this book for so long. Took three months to document and get everything down in an organized fashion for you, but it was worth it. YOU, my reader, are worth it.

Let’s climb to the top of Pinterest so you can see all of the domain traffic you’ve been missing out on.

I fricking love this book. I hope you will, too.

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