The brand new unique yet modernist classic edition for course creators and coaches of all types. Turn your educational materials into gorgeous, timeless works of art with this new Canva template collection. Stunning use of space, text, and will make any course or coaching document look gorgeous.

4000+ Canva Template Collection

for course creators and coaches

collection includes:

2100 fresh new instagram post layouts

– 300 brand introduction (square, portrait, and story size)

– 300 content promotion (SQUARE, PORTRAIT, AND STORY SIZE)

– 300 product promotion (SQUARE, PORTRAIT, AND STORY SIZE)

– 300 nurturing posts for education (SQUARE, PORTRAIT, AND STORY SIZE) 

– 300 course launch (SQUARE, PORTRAIT, AND STORY SIZE)

– 300 facts & data to support your courses and coaching (SQUARE, PORTRAIT, AND STORY SIZE) 

– 300 brand story (SQUARE, PORTRAIT, AND STORY SIZE) 

100 client process templates

100 eBook templates

100 course guidebook templates

100 welcome kit templates

100 exit kit templates

100 course module templates

100 course webinar presentation templates

100 pinterest templates

100 horizontal ebook and tutorial templates

100 quick tutorial templates (for your blog)

100 blog banner templates (blog images)

100 catalog templates

100 promotional pages

100 coaching templates

100 course introduction data promotion pages

100 workbook templates

100 masterclass presentation templates

100 youtube thumbnail templates

+100 surprise bonus templates

designer notes

instagram posts

The Modernist Classic collection features all brand-new layouts to feature your brand introductions, content ideas, products, nurturing tutorials and ongoing blog features, course launch templates, facts & data surrounding your brand’s niche topic, and brand story. 

This new collection was meticulously created from scratch with fine lines and carefully-thought-out placement of both text and images. All done elegantly and in a unique way to present your content visually that stands out from the rest of the available templates available on the marketplace.

client process

Help reduce projects that backfire with this client process document, which helps you spell out how your processes work, set expectations from the start, terms and conditions, making payment… etc. all in a beautiful, gorgeous way that only promotes your brand further. 

When you look expensive, and you’re on the ball with your contract documents that explicitly state your policies and procedures, you can command higher pricing. This will help you look like a million bucks.


If you’re writing a lot of lead magnets or tutorial books, you’re going to love the new layouts in this ebook collection. Become less text-y, and your documents become longer while easier to read and visually digest. This collection forces you to embrace the white space and let your super-helpful content be read in a gorgeous way.

course webinar

Once you’re finally ready to start promoting your course, you have to educate your audience about it. This matching set helps you share why your course will help them get from point A to point Z. Meticulously aligned for snapshots, course specifics including features and benefits, promotional sign-up offers, and bonuses. This helps set the tone on what they can expect going forward with your course materials.

horizontal ebook

Additional layouts available in horizontal layout, in case you want your users to be able to complete work they can fully see on the screen without having to scroll. Perfect for iPad presentation, as well for side-holders. 

blog banners

You’ll have your Pinterest pin images for your website, but you may also want to have a blog image banner at the top of your post or embedded within that highlights your featured image or offers additional information in another post. 

Perfect for keying in on points you want to make on your post as well as making your blog post absolutely gorgeous.


Just when you thought I couldn’t make a more beautiful product catalog for you to use, I create one that’s even better than the Spring Catalog from 2021. Includes all the pricing guides you’d ever want along with a gorgeous spread to highlight your best brand products.

coaching and mentoring pack

This is a great pack that is new that I thought would be helpful for any coach or mentor to include as part of ongoing nurturing for their existing students. Encouragement and focus-driven, motivational, and gets your students back into your course or coaching portals to finish what they set out to accomplish. Includes cues and helpful tips to get your students and followers to keep up the good work they’re doing and to communicate with you.


New layouts and intriguing ways to present questions beautifully in this new workbook pack. Take your workbook quality up a notch with this new style.

youtube thumbnails

Most YouTube thumbnails you see are noisy, obnoxious, and a bit sensationalized. Your brand doesn’t have to stoop low – set a new standard with the Modernist Classic collection and extend your gorgeous brand through your YouTube channels.

course guidebook

This set helps you create a guidebook for the course which includes your transcripts, how-to notes, your personal thoughts and cues to your videos, and so much more. Includes areas where you can show instruction on how to get the most out of any course you write, upsells, and more.

welcome / onboarding

Many of the welcome kits I’ve stumbled on are extremely cluttered with so much detail and “me” content that it’s easy to just glaze over the content with the eyes. This kit has made use of impressive image areas and encourages page-turning behavior so that when a new subscriber signs up, they’re just marveling at all of the wonderful content you offer. Includes cues on ideas on what you can offer within the welcome kit, and helps you start making sales from day one of a subscriber sign-up. All from just a well-planned and stunning welcome and onboarding document.

client exit / thank you

When it’s time to part ways, do so elegantly while encouraging repeat or additional business. Includes cues and ideas for headlines and how to help your client get the most out of the work you completed together. 

course modules

Elegantly-designed course modules worthy of Masterclass materials. How you present your data and tutorials matters just as much as the content. This set focuses on areas such as introduction, full transcript, videos, mission, objectives, lessons, module data, resources, downloads, homework, key points, examples, and more. All while embracing good white space so as to not overwhelm your student.

pinterest pins

Market your course and coaching/mentoring materials easily with the new Pinterest pin set from the Modernist Classic collection. Stunning pin designs help feature images that stand out on Pinterest in a classic, proven way to get the engagement you crave. Easy drag-and-drop areas for your mockups and promotional materials. Upload it to Pinterest using a scheduler like Tailwind or your favorite social media app, and start making money from your courses.

quick tutorials for your blog

Something new I’m introducing into my future collections, are quick tutorials for your blog for all those helpful how-to posts. These are great additions for when you don’t want to create a whole ebook or workbook magnet, but instead collect and email address in exchange for a helpful download tutorial with step-by-step roadmaps or instructions. 

Complete these without putting so much effort for a quick and easy download with upsells or opportunities to promote other longer ebooks and workbooks you have available. Easy to implement with practically any type of blog post.

promotional pages

Brand new promotional pages for flyers, quick adds to your ebook or workbook, or to integrate into your courses. Works great as single-page downloads or you can add to any projects or products you currently have for upsells and other features.

course introduction data

This pack is a new concept I figured I’d introduce into the coaching Canva template bundles I’m creating. This set will help you make a case for your course by providing facts, case studies, and examples of what is going wrong and why your followers may not be seeing good success, and why the course or coaching you offer will help them overcome obstacles. Includes helpful tips along the way while focusing the attention on getting the full value out of your work by enrolling in either a course or coaching program. 


It’s time to teach and give the masters of Masterclass a run. Your materials will stand out in such a stunning manner, they’ll be curious to attend your other classes. Say goodbye to cheesy-looking presentations that look clunky and thrown together. Say hello to Modernist Classic.

3 custom fonts

3 custom fonts (links provided) are used in this template. You can opt to use the fonts provided in the links, or use your own branded font. It’s important to use custom fonts in any of your marketing materials that are not “free” on Canva, as they are quickly becoming overused and thus, tired and not unique. 

Brand Introduction Templates

for establishing your brand voice and style

300 templates in 3 Instagram sizes – square, portrait & story

These templates help introduce your brand; who you are, about your business, what you believe in and stand for, and help start introducing the tone of your business.

Content Promotion

for sharing your blog & content

300 templates in 3 Instagram sizes – square, portrait & story

These templates help promote your blog and page content from your website, highlight sales, discuss your niche topic, and show off your images.

Product/Service Promotion Templates

to promote your high-end services and products

300 templates in 3 Instagram sizes – square, portrait & story

With their clean, sophisticated drop shadows and realistic tech mockups, these templates will help you showcase any high-end product or service, resources you offer, ebooks, lead magnets, course materials, and more.


to give value, insight, and advice

300 templates in 3 Instagram sizes – square, portrait & story

These templates help you continuously provide value to your audience by providing tips, challenges, step-by-step instruction, resources, your big ideas and beautiful questions, as well as discuss other resources like ebooks available. 

Course Launch Templates

to do a countdown or launch your course or big events

300 templates in 3 Instagram sizes – square, portrait & story

This set provides you with a countdown series as well as “did you know?” formatted posts. You can provide additional detail about your course while providing behind-the-scenes images of what’s included and what your audience can expect from your brand new course.

Facts & Data

to give social and statistical proof

300 templates in 3 Instagram sizes – square, portrait & story

It’s all about the proof in numbers and data, right? These will help you carve out your data points and share them with your audience as you provide numerical context to your niche topic.

Brand Story Templates

to share your story

300 templates in 3 Instagram sizes – square, portrait & story

Share your story about yourself and your brand easily with this set of templates, included in the 4000+ template set with Modernist Classic.

Limited Edition Collection

Only 300 copies will be licensed for the general public. After that time, the collection will only be available for sale for VIP members.

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