Pinterest Amplification Checklist

The Pinterest checklist you’ve been waiting for! This Pinterest checklist is much different than what you’ll find anywhere else on Pinterest or other blogs, because it contains exclusive methodology developed specifically for my Pinterest Amplification course students.

I’m making this available to my subscribers now because I think it’s a solid checklist to follow, and a lot more comprehensive than what you’ll find on most blogs. Here’s what the checklist covers, so you are confident with your pinning and know you’ve done your very best to draw attention to your blog and are able to build your email list.

  • Pin image preparation
  • Image elements & quality
  • Headline & pin text writing
  • SEO
  • Hashtags
  • Keywords
  • Scheduling
  • Looping
  • Tribes
  • Group Boards
  • 7 Amplification Methods

Now, I know the 7 Amplification Methods strategy might be new to you. But it’s definitely something worth learning. You can check out the checklist, use it, and then if you find that you want to learn more about the strategy of amplification, by all means, sign up to take the Pinterest Amplification course.

The best emails I get are “Kerrie, your Pinterest Amp thing is working.” Best. Ever. And I want you to have the same success, and do the work involved on Pinterest that is required, but first download the checklist so you have something to use as you’re pinning that will help you contemplate and visualize some ideas as you pin along.

Sign up below and get this amazing checklist to help you ace your Pinterest strategy, no matter how small or big your Pinterest account or blog is!


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