Pinterest Marketing Amplification

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7 Methods of Pinterest Amplification

Content Modifier

Learn how to make your content go further with pillar content and how to pin for foundation content, as well as for supporting blog posts.

Tribal Method

Go beyond just sharing pins with your tribes. Learn how to use tribes in Tailwind more efficiently.

Image Interval

So many pinners are getting their accounts shut down for bad pinning behaviors. Learn how to use the interval method to not only prevent that from happening but also to draw in more traffic than you originally would have using your existing methods.


How do you make people more aware of your pins? Learn to leverage the follower base you have to grow exponentially.

Landing Page

Make the most of your website and learn how to make landing pages your best ally and convert for you. Plus, how to test them, pin for them, and what to do with a low-performing landing page.


Frequency has a direct correlation to your overall pinning success on Pinterest! Are you pinning the right amount for your kind of account? How to tell, and grow your account with an abundance of followers, just by adjusting your frequency.

Promoted Method

Can you pay for promoted pins on Pinterest? Learn when to deploy this method and how to set it up. There’s a few tricks to know and things you’ll want to have in place before you fork over any money.

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