Introducing the Pinterest marketing course for bloggers & entrepreneurs…

Pinterest Marketing Amplification

empowering you to get real results on your own.

no management services, no pricey facebook groups.

learn new methods, design pins that get clicks 

This is your chance to finally get the website traffic you want through customized training to design pins and create landing pages that convert your audience into loyal customers.

the largest, most comprehensive Pinterest Marketing course available

Real testing results, before & after behind-the-scenes

Start converting more sales with quality pins & landing pages,

taught by a professional blogger and copywriter.

Imagine if you could…

Create relevant content your audience actually wants to read and know more about.

Find your ideal pinning frequency and develop a proven process for pinning.

Have consistent, reliable website traffic and sales without wasting money on ads.

Create pins that convert for a targeted audience into sales directly from your website.

I have years of experience teaching Pinterest marketing strategies and how to amplify your reach! my proven methods will help you decide which path is best for you and your brand.

When you invest in a quality Pinterest course, you’re investing in a long-term strategy and deep insight into the platform. This course comes packed full of methods, strategies, design discussion, and multiple learning tools (text, workbook, checklists, guides, video, homework tasks, challenges) so that you can learn in the style best suited for you while pushing yourself and your brand to better metrics.

there are multiple moving variables to be aware of with pinterest... i help you focus on the right ones that matter for success.

In a matter of days, you will be able to master pinning techniques and understand how all of the moving parts – keywords, images, boards, pin text, pin design – work together.

Fresh content matters now on Pinterest.

Looping pins, Tailwind communities, story pins, pin scheduler safeguards, fresh content rules, social movements, new standards, branding, and more. There’s a lot to know. This course gets you up to date with the new rules and guidelines for Pinterest 2021.

your old pins and methods no longer work.

What may have been a part of your process before 2020 no longer works. Learn ways to generate fresh content that actually gets clicked.

It’s never too late to learn something new from a different point of view… from someone with years of testing experience.

If you don’t know that there are seven different methods to growing your presence  and how they can benefit you straight away… you are not reaching your Pinterest potential!

you'll get all the power-packed Pinterest info right here

If you’ve taken a Pinterest course before, but still haven’t gotten the traffic you need or want, you may just need a fresh, honest perspective.


…and sometimes finding out what you’re doing wrong sooner will save you time and hassle so you can correct it and get on the right path.

you might be thinking, maybe I just need more pins that point to my website…

Hard nope on a rope on that. More of the same thing, the same text, the same similar images just placed differently with different colors is not going to get you the traffic and clicks you want.

What you do need is to understand what makes people click on a pin, and what gets people to convert from Pinterest. One pin can generate thousands of dollars in sales, if created with the right strategy. So there’s a bit of selling strategy and customer psychology that rolls into this. 

Remember, the average Pinterest customer wants to learn something new, to try something new, or buy something that they find. You are there to be that solution. But if your pin doesn’t inspire with the right kind of text or visual placement, they’re not going to click. 

Here we go...

I help brands on Pinterest get traffic by learning how to designs pins that beg to be clicked, and how to convert those pin clicks into customers.

I’m a truly believer that Pinterest education, running  isolated tests, and experimenting is essential for your growth as a brand. I’ll help you set up test scenarios, run experiments, and conclude what works for you in getting traffic to your pins and website.

While you wait for your tests to complete, I’ll show you examples of high-converting landing pages specifically written for Pinterest pins that convert, designing lead magnets for Pinterest users, and how to build them for your own brand. 

when you know the essentials for success in converting from Pinterest,

you will become unstoppable.

Your Pinterest account is going to be transformed.


The Pinterest Marketing Amplification Course

you’re about to get fantastic lessons in copywriting, pin design, landing page design, and pinterest sales conversion

Here's what you're going to learn

the basics


7 methods to amplify

sales & conversions

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