Yeah, I know.

Your blog needs more traffic.

You’ve done everything the Pinterest “experts” have said. 

Still, you get mediocre traffic.

You spend hours creating pins and making blog posts, get “meh” results, and start to wonder whether Pinterest marketing actually works.

“Maybe my blog sucks?” “Maybe I’m not in the right group boards?” “Am I just not that interesting?” “Do I smell?”

And nothing changes. 

I'm doing everything right... right?

Well, you might be doing everything the “experts” say, like pin good images, curate your boards, post and share in group boards, use Tailwind tribes, manual pin, use good keyword descriptions, etc. 

How many of those “experts” have 10+ million monthly viewers? 

The problem might not be what you should be doing, but who you’re listening to. Sure, all of the above is good advice, but to grow your blog quickly and get conversions, you need traffic. You need to be able to reach your customers. 

None of that generic, vague advice has anything to do with amplifying your Pinterest account, meaning, growing your reach and sending more traffic to your blog, giving you an opportunity to test your landing pages, convert readers into buyers, and grow your email list.

Truth: you need to learn from someone who is a proven expert on Pinterest, and who knows how to grow tiny accounts into big success stories. AND, you need to be willing to do the work. Doing the work = success. Learning something new and not applying it =/ success.

learn to listen to your analytics.


Your Pinterest analytics gives you all the secrets and clues about what to pin, when, and what kinds of products and services your business needs to roll with. Those numbers will tell you what you need to do next to reach more people, find more people that are into what you’re pinning, offering, blogging about, and selling. 

and when you are pinning content strategically using an amplification method that is…

...then you'll grow to be a HUGE account on Pinterest, meaning...

Imagine having endless traffic from Pinterest that you're able to convert into paying customers.


And, not only is this possible, but I created a course to help you do just that. I give you all my templates, too

Oh hey!

In case we’re new online friends, let’s do introductions. My name is Kerrie, and I’m a published author, professional blogger, and Pinterest marketing expert. I help heart-driven creative influencers, like you, find their customers and readers through Pinterest with stunning design and the perfect recipe blend for copy. 

In essence, I help you make the connection between finding customers, and converting customers.

…and I do that by training people how write ridiculously delicious copy cocktail and how to grow their business with Pinterest marketing. If you become my student, you will come to realize that writing and creating more and more is not the answer to getting traffic and conversion. When you finish my courses and do the work, will have a clear understanding of who your customer is, what their desires are, what your blog is really about, your end game plan, and what you want the result to be.

...and that all starts by learning about Pinterest and the power amplifying traffic has on your business.

For the past 16 years, I have worked in graphic design and writing marketing campaigns. While I loved working in the bridal industry, working for “the man” wasn’t for me. Two years ago, I struck out on my own, and built five successful blogs along with matching Pinterest accounts. I even taught my husband how to use Pinterest for marketing, and he’s doing brilliantly. 

In the last year, I worked in design from a social media perspective, helping others with posting online. But, that still wasn’t for me. I found many people weren’t willing to create content to support their business goals, or do the work that business success requires. They just wanted sales. Which, as you know, doesn’t work.

So Joe (the husbutt) and I made the decision to go solo and not work for anyone. Together, our blogs bring in an accumulative $1.2 million in income for our family of eight, and we get to choose IF we work for someone, and WHEN. And having that choice and option to say “no” has been an incredible happiness changer. 

Blogging friends kept asking me... "how did you get so big on Pinterest so fast?"

They wanted the details. The how-to’s. But I didn’t have the time to teach every single one of them over Messenger all the special details successful Pinterest marketing requires, and if they didn’t have a full understanding of pinning methods and strategies, OF COURSE they were going to give up or not be successful.


The thing with Pinterest is… there’s a lot of free information out there. There are also a ton of Pinterest courses offered by people who got a smidge of success off of it and thought they could make a buck. But honestly, you’re not getting value off a Pinterest course if it doesn’t address growth and amplification. And the only way to teach something like that ethically is if you’ve done it yourself. 

And I have. 

Marketing your blog and getting an audience who are interested in what you have to say requires a niche market and amplification to that market. It doesn’t require taking out ads, posting all the time on social media, and creating a crap-ton of content. Nope. There’s a better way to do this.

best yet, you can grow your blog to 450k+ unique users and page views in 3 months

Pinterest Marketing analytics for Kerrie Legend

the beauty of pinterest is that you will get back what you put into it... for years to come.

Pinterest is a fantastic marketing tool. It’s simple to learn, it makes sense once you understand the moving parts, and it focuses on my favorite aspects of marketing: helping customers find you without spending money on ads, growing your email list, and connecting with those customers that fell in love with your words and work.

Pinterest Amplification helps you grow that blog into a real gear-turning, money-making business.

Maybe you’re thinking… “I’m all course-d out. I’ve taken so many courses, read so many blog articles on Pinterest… I’m not sure another course will help me.”

Because you’re tired of wasting time and money on things that don’t work.

Your desire to protect yourself from more wasted time and money is in the right place, but your thinking is off...

This is the LAST and ONLY course on Pinterest you will ever want to invest in to make Pinterest your ultimate go-to for marketing success. 

Here's how pinterest amplification is different from other courses. You will:

Learning about Pinterest from Kerrie has been a game changer. I'm in my first month of growth after taking her course, and I'm at over 2 million now. Before, I was just hoping that SEO on my blog and posting on Facebook would be enough to grow my book blog. It wasn't. This was like a course in blogging while using Pinterest that I didn't know I needed. Forever grateful. I now have people lining up to put ads on my site next month, and I'm making money on Google Adsense. Gamechanger.
Yeah, I know, I'm the husband. I watched my wife (Kerrie) build her account through those three months, and every day I was excited for her. I asked if there was a way to apply what she knew to my own blog at "Of course," she said. "Pinterest is for everyone and everything." So I've been building my account with her instructions ever since. I'm at over 4 million monthly viewers, with 250k monthly page views and 100k+ monthly unique visitors, and I'm starting to really take off with my blog. I really struggled before she helped me.

Let's unpack what's inside waiting for you in Pinterest Amplification

  •  How to establish your blog’s unique focus
  •  Defining and finding your tribe (beyond Tailwind tribes)
  •  Creating killer content that converts into actual sales and not just a ton of freebie hoarders
  •  How to create a stellar, sales-generating Pinterest profile
  •  Creating boards that are relevant to your audience and business mission
  •  Cleaning up your Pinterest account and boards – when to do it, how, and why
  •  Establishing a Pinterest branding traffic strategy
  •  How to design pins that crave clicking and lead to sales
  •  Understanding the Smart Feed and how use it to your advantage
  •  Search Engine Optimization (know how many pins lack a decent description? TONS.)
  •  Group boards – are they relevant? Helpful? How many should you be in?
  •  Scheduling and looping pins
  •  Creating organic pins – quickly and efficiently
  •  Pinterest Analytics – understanding the numbers, and what all that means
  •  Using Google Analytics to determine trends in what your viewers want more of from you
  •  Growing your email list (even from scratch)
  •  Creating content upgrades
  •  Busting the Pinterest myths – because Pinterest works for EVERYONE and EVERYTHING
  •  Manual vs. scheduled pinning – hear from an expert whether this really matters
  • Working from home & pinning while raising kids – how to achieve it all and get the work done
  • VeryKerrie business tips – my best tips for marketing yourself on Pinterest
  • Pinning checklist – are you doing all of the most important things to ensure you are seen and heard?
  • Hashtag use on Pinterest – how many? Which ones?
  • Using Pinterest for videos
  • Creating a Pinterest marketing plan
  • How to use analytics to create better content that’s aligned with your audience
  • Measuring success with PInterest KPIs
  • Etsy shops, boutiques, and online stores – how to market yourself on these platforms using Pinterest
  • How to do A/B testing with pins on Pinterest
  • How to sell more books with Pinterest (and keep more royalties
  • How I grew from 80k to 14+ million monthly views, and still remain in the top 1% of Pinterest users
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