Goodnotes Priorities Sticky Notes
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12 Blue & Blush Rose Gold “Priorities” Sticky Notes for Goodnotes


Priorities sticky notes Goodnotes | 12 Opaque & Transparent Blue and Blush Rose Gold Sticky Notes PNG Images | for iPad & Tablet | Goodnotes | Notability

This elegant opaque and transparent blue and blush colored sticky notes set includes digital sticky notes for GoodNotes, Notability or any other PDF notebook bullet journal or writing / note taking applications. It can be used for printable stickers, as well.

Includes 6 opaque color palette notes, and 6 translucent PNG color palette sticky notes. Includes 12 total PNG files with label of “priorities” at the top of each sticky note. The best way is to import is to store in Dropbox or your favorite online storage app, or even store on your iPad in a local folder. Then, open up the desired page in Goodnotes or Notability, and then import as an image. You can then quickly resize your sticky notes to the ideal size to meet your handwriting.

Simply import the files into your favorite note-taking application, and within minutes you’ll have pretty sticky notes to keep track of all your important info. These priorities sticky notes for Goodnotes will have you checking off your priorities one by one.

Sticky notes for Goodnotes are available in a variety of different types sizes, colors and purposes.

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