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Just when you thought the writing part was all done, you realize you still have to write and create a blurb. You know, the one major thing that people read to get to know more about your book before they buy.
Hello, empty creative well!
Talking about your own book can be… well, difficult. For some people. And if that person is you, that’s ok! Professional blurb writers have helped bestselling authors market themselves for years.
Too close to your project to know how to position your book? Probably. And it’s only natural.
Skip the heartache and frustration that comes with writing blurbs and leave it up to a copywriting professional. Whether you want something clever, exciting, romantic, serious, or smart-sounding, there are plenty of ways to position your blurb in alignment with your genre niche.
Before: choppy, unexciting, basic vanilla blurb. After? A cleverly-written blurb poised to leave the viewer hanging with what’s inside. Give your readers a taste of what’s inside by walking them through a high-level synopsis coupled with beautiful questions about your book that create intrique.
Your book never looked so good!
Tailored for all niches, genres, and author types. “Book” your professional blurb writer now and checkmark “write the blurb” off your to-do list.

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