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Book Cover Design – 3-Book Series


A series, you say? How exciting.
But then it hits you… all that hard work that amassed three books is going to require not 1, not 2, but 3 book covers. Opt for the series pricing if you have more than one book in the same series, and get them all done at once.
The quality of your book speaks for itself, but you know what makes it marketable? A book cover design that’s spot-on, unique, and engaging. Book covers need to be in line with your genre niche, visually speak to the contents inside your book series, and get the attention of readers’ eyes in the form of a small thumbnail.
Which means your book cover needs to be snappy to get the clicks.
“Write a series,” they said. “start marketing it early,” they said. {And you will, thanks to having all three book covers completed}. But your book isn’t anything without an on-point book cover to get the attention of billions of bookstore viewers. KLD book covers have the “nailed it!” finishing touches, making it easy to market your 3-book series.
There’s the full-cover paperback, hardcover, and eBook formats, along with a complimentary mockup set for your cover to show it off on your website, social media, marketplaces, and other book marketing platforms. Tack on a complimentary bookstagram image to get you started, and you’re looking at instant next-level engagement and anticipation-building for your book launch.
Redoing your book covers for a series or replacing an outdated (or escaping a bad model experience fiasco) image? That can be handled, as well. Whatever stage you’re in for your book cover design needs, the skills are honed, the pencil’s sharpened, and Photoshop is at the ready!

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