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100+ page collection! The Versatile Ink collection (this one is Charcoal Ink) is an easily customizable ink design template and includes custom-made elements not included in Canva. Most importantly, it’s a versatile Canva template set that you’ll love. For example, see the image previews to get a sense for the design concept and the types of pages (like a Canva eBook) you can use to create your next big project. This collection of lead magnet templates or Canva templates will help your finished product look stunning and professional. Finally, you’ll have a Canva template bundle you can enjoy for an infinite number of projects.


Hi there! The Versatile Ink design template has been a delight to create. As a writer, I love to surround myself with pretty pens, inks, paper textures like linen and canvas, along with torn papers in my bullet journal. This collection was inspired by my own bullet journaling adventures, and one that I intend to expand on with even more color and font combinations. One of my favorites! :)


Canva eBook

Enjoy ink splatters, torn paper, journal portfolio, photo frames, ink lines; everything an aspiring or professional blogger/writer could hope for! This is a 100+ page collection!

Three custom fonts (not included in Canva) are used in this template. The fonts are disclosed in the download sheet along with links. Because hey, Canva’s fonts get tired and boring sometimes!

Use Your Own Branding and Customize!

All image grid areas, text, fonts, colors, and layouts are customizable so you can use your own brand colors and styles.

You do not need to use all the pages if you do not wish to. Use what you want. The combinations and opportunities to create multiple different documents is endless!

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Lead Magnet Ideas:

Create ebooks, workbooks, promotional flyers, course content, lead magnets, welcome kits, exit kits, content upgrades, PDF blog post, cheat sheet, checklist, worksheet, catalog, free course, resources, transcript, quick start guide, full guide, report, printable, challenge, assignment, case study, interview, swipe file, bonus content, free trial, product teaser. 


In addition to a ton of ideas for your next project, these templates have some great features, such as:

  • All colors, fonts, images, and text areas are customizable within Canva.
  • Quick and easy to edit using Canva, a FREE online tool. In addition, Canva Pro is recommended, not required.
  • Cohesive design to create a consistent branded look for your business or personal brand.
  • Save money with a Canva template bundle, instead of buying a la carte for example.
  • Versatile Canva template with many options to create a variety of design and lead magnet projects.
  • This ink design template is perfect for writers, authors, and bloggers!

Finally, achieve your marketing goals faster without the hassle of designing something from scratch with a lead magnet template Canva set. These templates are time-saving, unique, and classy templates. Become more productive and free to get back to creating whatever is your passion.


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