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Because there are so many templates included in this bundle, be sure to watch the YouTube video that shows everything this bundle has to offer:

30 Covers – lots of layouts to choose from – create hundreds of documents for your coaching or professional needs
100 Workbooks/Worksheets – a whirlwind of workbook layouts to choose from, including emotions wheel, wheel of life, SMART, and Carnesian Method
30 Chapter Pages (write a textbook-like nonfiction book like a pro)
30 Course Module Pages (the first course module ebook set offered on anywhere for a professional course presentation)
30 eBook Interior/Magazine Pages (gorgeous ebooks let you include lots of text to further explain your instructions or methods, including stories)
30 Promotional Pages (promote your course or coaching services with ease with lots of 1-page flyers, or include in your documents as a last page call to action)
30 Recipe Pages (include your favorite recipes with a free recipe or cookbook – perfect for health or nutritional coaching, or use as a recipe for success)
30 Catalog & Pricing Guide Pages (promote your other courses, digital products or physical product offerings with a full-service catalog and pricing guide set)
30 Welcome, About, Resource, and 30-Day Challenge Pages (includes welcome pages, about you, about your business, resource pages, and a 30-day challenge template set)
340+ Templates

This set uses 1 custom font (disclosed and linked in PDF) as an accent.

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