DARK MODE™ – Canva Lead Magnet Templates


Canva Templates in Dark Mode™ is so much more than just a black background or a dark aesthetic. True Dark Mode™ goes beyond providing your users and readers a reverse branding option.

Read more about the benefits and features of Dark Mode™ below!

This collection of Canva Templates is specifically for creating lead magnets, and contains maps & graphs, calendars, planners, and course module pages for the Dark Mode™ collection. There are 100 templates in this collection.

Get double use out of this bundle by switching it to a light background! Versatile in both Dark Mode™ and using your brand colors, as well.

This collection uses two custom fonts and are disclosed in the download sheet with a convenient link to the source.

Dark Mode™ is a trademarked brand design and copyright of Kerrie Legend Designs.

things to know | before you purchase

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