DARK MODE™ – Canva Template Covers


Canva Templates in Dark Mode™ is so much more than just a black background or a dark aesthetic. True Dark Mode™ goes beyond providing your users and readers a reverse branding option.

Read more about the benefits and features of Dark Mode™ below!

This collection of Canva Templates is specifically for creating lead magnets, and contains promotional pages, inspiration pages, section headers, and covers for the Dark Mode™ collection. There are 100 templates in this collection.

Get double use out of this bundle by switching it to a light background! Versatile in both Dark Mode™ and using your brand colors, as well.

This collection uses two custom fonts and are disclosed in the download sheet with a convenient link to the source.

Dark Mode™ is a trademarked brand design and copyright of Kerrie Legend Designs.


With Dark Mode™ Canva Templates by Kerrie Legend, you can tap into the emotion, you can give your audience the viewing preference so many desire. In fact, it’ll help your readers focus on your words, create a deeper brand attachment by highlighting your accent colors, and form a more emotional connection with your users.

Dark Mode™ is appealing to users who download your materials and read your blog because it is different, enhances usability throughout different times of day and lighting conditions, helps retain battery life on mobile devices, and allows for greater accessibility for various degrees of vision impairments.

By using Dark Mode™, you can have a different impact. Somber, authoritative, luxurious, elegant, strong, powerful, simple, formal, dramatic, mysterious, modern, and sophisticated are all words that describe the deep impact using Dark Mode™ can have with your brand.

Not only that, but you can expand the versatility of your materials by allowing a different perspective and viewing experience. Using your own branding colors, you can highlight accents and bring out the subtle colors of your brand for a more meaningful impact.

Tired of your colors on white? Or only using your main colors? Using Dark Mode™ will help give you more versatility in your posts, images, courses, and reading materials. Reading text on white backgrounds, particularly in the evening, can strain the eyes. Dark Mode™ allows users to comfortably read and better digest your writing.

Dark Mode™ should not feel any different than your brand; using the Dark Mode™ templates will give you a solid base to create images and materials that elevate your brand. Combine with your designated fonts and you’ll have a whole

Secondary, brighter colors work best in Dark Mode™.

Dark Mode™ is super popular. In fact, most tech-oriented users prefer it to any other mode available on their devices. So why not offer a solution to enrich their experience?


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