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Email Elements for Copywriting


The ultimate guide for copywriting & design elements in email marketing!

Write for impact and convert sales from your emails. This is NOT an average checklist! Learn about the essential email elements each and every message your brand sends out should have. Includes what to do, why it’s effective, and specific writing examples for each element.

What a journey this is going to be… setting up your emails and making them exceptional to read for your audience. Even small wins like this add up to big change!

If you’re like me, you value email list retention—the ability to keep your readers opening up your emails and engaging with them. You’ve worked hard to market yourself; possibly even have investment into your email list.

So when you want to provide maximum value to your audience and keep them opening, reading, and engaged, certain email elements need to be in place to achieve that goal. Because you want your audience to invest, like, know, and trust you, right?


This resource covers all the email elements you’ll want to have in your emails. You don’t need to make entire paragraphs out of each element. Rather, some elements can be 1-sentence structures, links, or even hinted at with some clever copywriting.

Let’s set the new standard for exceptional emails and marketing, starting with these essential email elements for your copywriting.

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