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Hooks, Lines & Thinkers Guidebook


Wish your writing had the ability to hook readers in from the first line? Or retain the short attention span of scanner readers? What if your words somehow lifted off the page, causing pause, contemplation, and reflection?

That’s exactly what powerful hooks will do for your writing.

The Hooks, Lines & Thinkers Guidebook is a 200+ page workbook and guide that explains 26 different types of hooks, how to use them, with 12 examples and formulas for each one. Use the formulas and examples to practice in the spaces provided to create hooks related to your own writing topic niche. A printable workbook and guide to help you create effective hooks to improve your writing and ask beautiful questions of your audience.

Challenge yourself, and impress your reader with thoughtful hooks!

  • 300+ hook examples and formulas to help you fill-in the blanks as well as freestyle your own original hooks using the examples!
  • 26 different hook styles and types
  • 200+ pages in PDF file format

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