Linear eBook for Email Conversion Canva Template


Designed to accompany your email marketing, Linear is a gorgeous eBook template made for Canva to help you get traffic from your email subscribers back to your blog, website, shop, or online social media channels in a beautiful, artistic, and meaningful way. This is the email to web traffic converter!

This template includes 100 pages of eBook pages in US letter size 8.5×11.

This provides a way to create beautiful free attachments to your emails for a more interesting way to display the content in your emails. Not only can you duplicate the email content in an easy-to-download PDF format, but you can include links back to your desired destination. Get more clicks, and go beyond beautiful emails by providing a PDF reading experience, as well!

Use is as an eBook, too, to highlight your content, instruct, or give your reader hot topic materials that are current and relevant.

Highlight your:

  • social media accounts
  • Substacks, Medium, or Patreon accounts
  • blog articles with quick blurbs and preview images
  • shop with new featured items
  • catalog with shoppable points
  • free downloads
  • interest points to funnel your subscribers even further into self-segmented areas
  • landing pages

Kerrie’s Notes:

Although I use a beautiful email marketing subscription service, delivery is important to me, which is why I often use the plain text formats, thus increasing deliverability. But I started to wonder… wouldn’t it be great to provide a downloadable version of the email, and also have a few other interesting links that could help self-segment my list a bit? Find out more what they’re into? Or highlight things on the website they may not have ventured into yet?

Linear is the perfect tool to do all these things. Having a downloadable version in a beautiful-to-read PDF format helps ensure that photos load, any email blockers are bypassed, and you’ll be able to provide a great reading experience via the universal PDF.

Let your email subscription service do the work in getting the click; let the Linear eBook template help you get more traffic back to your website, and work even harder.

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