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Masterclass Course Module Canva Template - Lady Coach


100 Masterclass Course Templates for Coaching Business


Elegant and sophisticated fine lines, organized content areas, and a full course slide presentation deck will make creating your course content slides easy! Change the colors and fonts to your brand with ease in Canva. This slide deck is designed for paid courses and helps you build your modules with content section and area prompts, including questions, charts, graphs, and the 5 W’s: who, what, when, where, and why, including how!

Includes quiz templates, wheel of life, habit tracking, SWOT analysis, file location hierarchy, module sections, brand boards, progress, flow, and a variety of masterclass instruction templates.

4 Cover Template Options
1 Icon Sheet
10 Graphs and Charts Templates
6 Welcome and Introduction Templates
1 Icon Legend Template
1 Module Section Template
1 Gratitude Wheel
1 Recommended Reading
1 Vision Board
1 Module Preview Header Template
1 Other Courses Template
5 Quiz Templates
5 Wheel of Life Templates
1 Grow Method Template
2 Brand Board / Inspiration Templates
2 Coaching Question Prompt Templates
1 SWOT Analysis Template
2 File Location Templates
1 Calendar Template
5 Progress Flow Templates
2 Module Section Covers
1 Q&A Template
2 Resources Templates
2 Habit Tracking Templates
3 Table of Content Templates
1 Emotion Wheel Template
37 Course Module Masterclass Instruction Templates

This set uses 1 custom font (disclosed and linked in PDF) as an accent.


All image grid areas, text, fonts, colors, and layouts are customizable so you can use your own brand colors and styles.

You do not need to use all the pages if you do not wish to. Use what you want. The combinations and opportunities to create multiple different documents is endless!

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