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Product Description Copywriting


You need a cleverly-written product description to make epic sales. One that provides enough context about the item, but also persuades the customer to buy. Why your brand? Why this product? Is it a luxury or a necessity? What are the benefits and features?
How can you encourage someone to buy while describing what kind of life improvement they’ll have with your product?
Writing product descriptions can be hard, especially if you’re too close to your own project. Tell me about the product(s) you need to sell. From there, I’ll write an interpretation and description for your item that will provide some out-of-the-box context for your average but ideal consumer.

What’s Included

✓ 3 product descriptions for a shop product page listing (does not include sales landing pages in long-form)
✓ An exclusive Kerrie Legend Designs coupon code for a future service/product

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