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Story Origins – 200+ Brand Storytelling Prompts eBook


If you want to tell better stories about your brand, you need to be prompted with beautiful questions and interesting topics. This is the ultimate list of storytelling prompts specific for your brand’s journey.

The Story Origins ebook contains over 200 emotion-based prompts to help you write brand stories that share the origins, values, purpose, products, challenges, and teachable lessons you want your audience to know. Help your readers connect with you on an authentic level by recognizing the emotions we all feel when certain events happen.

200 original, unique prompts help guide you to write each story for social media, website blog posts, creative content, and email sequence funnels. Each prompt asks specific questions related to various events about your brand; its origins, customers, products, lessons to be learned, mission, value, purpose, community, mistakes, setbacks, triumphs, and much more.

Pick up your copy today so you can start writing better stories that start with beautiful questions.

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