Storytelling for Creatives


Want to know how to write more interesting emails and be less sales-y? How to hook your reader into reading the whole post or social media snippets? Storytelling is the key.

A compete storytelling copywriting course geared for storytelling for business. Learn how to write hooks and practice them from examples, storytelling archetypes, brand archetypes, receive storytelling prompts, theme ideas, writing exercises, tutorials, and examples.

Learn how to build a story vault and different ways you can share stories from all kinds of sources!

  • Introduction to storytelling & email sequences
  • Storytelling prompts
  • Workbook with exercises
  • Checklists to ensure your copy has your ideal kind of copy
  • Email sequence flow example
  • Relating stories
  • Comprehensive guide
  • Formulas for story structure
  • Hook examples, exercises, and idea prompts
  • Storytelling examples
  • Resources & additional reading
  • Roadmap of an email sequence with storytelling embedded
  • Software options
  • 7-day challenge

The Stats

  • 6 organized course parts with modules linked for easy access
  • 1,000+ pages of guidebook and supplemental content
  • Online website access and exclusive course student login
  • 60 modules with guidebooks, workbooks, presentation slides, homework, activities, resources, key points
  • 10+ hours of video training, hook writing practice center, supplements
  • 2 months of daily emailed coaching right in your inbox.
  • VIP exclusive – week Copy Chat for 60 days after course launch on April 25


Assessments, cheat sheets, writing exercises, social media Canva storytelling pack, personal color story anecdote collection, audience mediums, Trello boards, checklists, timeline templates, about page template, story selling methods, avatar discover sheets, Story Method for Email Marketing, themed storytelling idea sheets, story starter template set (like, how the hekkin’ do you start a story?), Evernote templates, archetypes, writing practice center (so cool it emails you your work!), outlines, brand core design kit, story audit, hero’s journey for business marketers, challenges, formulas, and roadmaps.

VIP Exclusive

Are you a VIP? Get access to the VIP Copy Chat room to bounce ideas around and have me look at your progress on a weekly basis. I’ll be available, live on a chat room, to review your proposed story copy, look at web copy, and give you live feedback! Come to Copy Chat each week prepared! Available for 2 months after course launch for VIP members.

Elementor Templates

With Elementor, I’ve made storytelling easy so you can pick and choose the format you want, combine it with your images, and launch full-scale stories, branded memos, and nurture your audience with unique content that is un-copy-able! Blog posts, web pages, About page, and the Branded Story templates are yours free with the Storytelling for Creatives course.

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