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Tripwire Email Sequence Funnel Template


You want to get readers of all stages to say “yes” to you, as soon as possible. But you’re not exactly getting great conversion from your redirected tripwire offers. 

What if there was a way to get in their inbox, if your tripwire page got ignored, closed out, or remained unseen?

Try the Tripwire Sequence Email Templates.

While tripwire landing pages are great, sometimes they don’t get seen, they get closed out on mobile devices, or even ignored.

But if you start emailing your reader about the tripwire offer, and why they’ll benefit from it, you can start making sales faster, and boost your conversion. Because the #1 thing you need to do is start generating sales, and that starts with separating out your buyers from your non-buyers.

Because once you have your list of buyers, you know who is more likely to convert to a sale, so you can focus on your non-buyers with other offers more suitable for the stage of awareness they’re in.

Swipe the 4 set collection of 16-email sequence funnels to boost your conversion, get your readers to start saying “yes” to you, and increase your income while delivering incredible value to your readers.

Integrating these email templates is easy and fun! Just customize your tripwire offers into the designated fields, and with a little adjustment here and there, you can quickly start offering low-risk offers to your audience from four different areas: blog posts, in-email offers, website points of contact (pop-ups, messaging areas, buttons, etc.) and landing pages for lead magnets.

The Tripwire Sequence templates are unique; written exclusively by Kerrie Legend to help you secure more sales and generate interest in your products based on value and sense of urgency. Not only will you increase your sales, but you’ll be able to increase awareness of your other products/services in the process.

Designed to convert and make an impact on your bottom line! The Tripwire Sequence email funnel template collection contains 16 email templates in all to sell from four different locations, including:

  • The Landing Page –This collection of 4 emails helps you create tripwire offers and follow-through after a reader signs up for your lead magnet or opt-in forms (subscribe, join, waitlist, etc.) After being introduced to a redirect page, the tripwire series will kick in, and help you secure a sale. This dramatically speeds up the process of “getting them to yes!”
  • Website Point of Contact –Any point of contact on your website—whether it’s a pop-up, a message being communicated via your site, or a quick sign-up to download content upgrades; even a button that gives out a special offer if it’s clicked on, is an opportunity for a tripwire. This email sequence is designed for non-lead magnet opportunities, and specializes in creating offers based on the content or intent of any specific page. A 4-email collection helps you turn pop-ups and other buttons on your site into offers with a quick email sequence!
  • Blog Posts – Blog posts are unique opportunities to present tripwire offers, because you can tailor them specifically to the content on the page. This 4-email collection is worded specifically for your blog posts and the offers you create from there.
  • In-Email Opportunities – Tripwires aren’t just for your opt-in forms! This 4-email sequence set helps you convert additional quick low-risk offers to your existing reader base who may not be purchasing your regular products. It’s a great way to create offers and provide value to those in your email list who haven’t said “yes” to you yet!

What’s Inside:

  • Instant access to the template in a 50+ page, beautiful PDF digital download file format (compatible with PDF reader programs, like Preview, Adobe Acrobat Reader, etc.) Includes footnotes from Kerrie Legend to describe the purpose of the sentence / paragraph, how to customize it, and ideas for modifying the area for other uses.
  • Additional access to the email text template in Evernote file format (easy to copy/paste and edit text from Evernote to your email marketing subscription service).
  • Future template updates
  • 16 email templates including 4 categories of locations to use them, with four emails for each one, designed to help you get tripwire conversion faster and easier. Make sure your tripwire offer gets seen and not ignored!

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