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Welcome Email Sequence Funnel Template


Pre-order now at the pre-launch special rate of $59 now through November 13! This collection of email sequence funnel templates launches November 14!

You’re excited about the potential power email marketing has to make an impact on your business, but you’re sick of seeing that unsubscribe count grow with each email you send, especially in the first email sequence where you’re welcoming new subscribers.

What if there were a way to get your new subscribers excited about your brand, engaged to look forward to more of your emails, tell a story in an easy-to-follow format, transition your reader from one email to the next, and at the same time, get them to like, know, and trust you?

Enter the Welcome Email Sequence Funnel Template collection, written by Kerrie Legend.

With a dash of your personality and unique way with phrasing words, you can use these 3 different sets of 7-email sequences [yes, not just one option!] to welcome your new readers, start selling immediately, and establish a solid footing in welcoming them on board with you. 

The best email sequences tell a story and are full of relatable emotion. They give a glimpse of who you are behind the scenes, and bring your reader from a state of unawareness to a state of being completely aware of what they can achieve by working with you and your brand. This creative blueprint helps you tell your brand story, relate to your reader with emotion, and acts as a navigator to help your reader learn more about you, what you do and offer, and helps them self-segment themselves into a problem-solving journey with you.

Swipe the 3 set collection of 7-email sequence funnels I’ve used to generate up to 92% open rates.

If you cannot afford a copywriter [ahem] and want to do a little DIY with the help of a carefully-written template that identifies the purpose of each area, this is the template to pick up! There’s a lot of focus on your welcome sequence. First impressions are everything!

Because I write so many welcome sequences for clients, I’m releasing my best-performing sets to share with you, so you can have the same success!

I have developed three different welcoming themes, which you can use in multiple different areas; a lead magnet sign-up, an About page welcome, or even a Home page welcome (hello, Navigator!).

  • Horizon – The Horizon welcome email sequence funnel template helps you introduce your brand to your new subscriber while also focusing on what’s currently happening in your niche, what is about to happen in the near/distant future, addresses their goals/wants/needs for the future, and help your reader look to a new, better future with your assistance in the future. It’s definitely a “what could be”—filled with potential & hope—while addressing that their current state doesn’t have to be a certain way. It’s the perfect welcoming sequence for a lead magnet opt-in or freebie download.
  • Journey – With the Journey welcome email sequence funnel template, you will welcome your reader and encourage them to go on a journey with you; to be partners on a quest together. The mission? Slay as many sea monsters as possible, overcome challenges, and share your own stories along the way. With Journey, you’ll be able to start your reader on an adventure and steer them down a path through self-segmentation, interest areas, and help them see trouble spots ahead. Perfect for trailblazing creators who want to lead the way via their About page welcome sequence!
  • Navigator – The Navigator welcome email sequence funnel template is perfect for your home page subscription button welcoming. It offers self-segmentation, navigation options to get your reader aligned with blog posts, resources, and content specifically related to what they choose to focus on first. This is much more interactive for your reader, because it helps to quickly lead them to a solution they’re looking for, and won’t waste their time. While also giving you space to create awareness of your brand, your offers/solutions/products/services, and what it is you do, the Navigator offers quick storytelling to help guide, steer, and direct your reader for a

What’s Inside:

  • Instant access to the template in a 50+ page, beautiful PDF digital download file format (compatible with PDF reader programs, like Preview, Adobe Acrobat Reader, etc.)
  • Additional access to the email text template in Evernote file format (easy to copy/paste and edit text from Evernote to your email marketing subscription service).
  • Future template updates
  • Access to a Trello board full of email transitions specifically for the Welcome Email Sequence Funnel template, including cliffhangers, beginning intros, and storytelling ideas specific to the Welcome Sequence [new, fresh ideas not in other products].
  • 7 persuasion and conversion-trigger-filled email templates to personalize and enhance your reader’s onboarding experience, including:
    • The Welcome Aboard Navigator … so right away, you can confirm that your readers are in the right place, have found the right cruise line or ship to be on, and help them discover your site even more.
    • The About Me Storyteller… so you can start relating to your subscribers and share your story while getting them to like, know, and trust you.
    • The Self-Segmenter Email so you can identify what they want to learn right away, and steer them towards solutions that fit those topics.
    • A It’s Not Your Fault Template—an email template that assures them that their problems are fixable, and that they may have taken a path that didn’t get them the results they wanted, but it all changes with you!
    • What to send when it’s time to tell them What to Expect
  • Plus, Elements of Onboarding! You’ll see a full list of all-inclusive things you’ll want to feature in your welcome sequence, and after reading this section you’ll have all kinds of ideas on how to keep your reader coming back for more of your emails.

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