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1 Simple Rule for Your Social Media Strategy

1 Simple Rule. That’s it. If you fail at everything else related to social media – saying the right things, posting at the right times, using the right images, using the right colors, following the right people, interacting with the right people… well, you get the idea… at least you can get this 1 rule right.

Follow 1 rule for social media – stay active.

Even if you suck at everything else – the fact that you’re active means that your account will not die a slow death online. Here are a few reasons why staying active is so important:

Traffic Generation (Let’s GO, Speed Racer)

While it’s great to get social media followers, the ultimate goal of a social media marketing campaign should be to drive traffic to your business website. That’s why it’s so important to have the right social media followers, ones that are actually interested in the products or services that you offer. Thousands upon thousands of followers don’t mean much if they never take action and visit your website or blog to learn more. In other words, the number of followers doesn’t matter as much as the quality of your followers. Also, your social media profiles need to be engaging enough to encourage people to click on your website. If you’re not engaging with people (as in, staying active), you will die. Online. Not in real life.

Brand Building (Yay!)

Active social media profiles can help build your brand. Every industry is competitive online today. The businesses that will find the most success are the ones that are transparent and willing to share information with target audience members in order to become a trusted source. Social media is one avenue to share such information and connect with potential clients or customers in order to give them a positive view of your business and brand. This will get your business in front of the right people, which over time will help you build a much stronger brand.

Social Signals (Lighting Up Flares)

The search engines pay attention to social media data and use it to determine search engine ranking. The search engines view content links that are shared frequently in social media as trusted. Since the search engines want to provide valuable search results, they will consider this as a ranking factor, which means that the more frequently content gets shared in social media, the better chances it has of ranking well. Obviously, a search engine presence (or lack thereof) plays a huge role in the success of a website. The more social signals you good, the better off your site will be.

Public Relations

You can also use social media as a way to generate PR for your company. When most people use social sites, they appreciate how quickly they can receive current news on all their favorite brands. In other words, social media provides information in real time and has become a primary source of news. While it shouldn’t necessarily replace traditional PR or submitting online press releases, it’s another avenue to share information about your business and interact with members of the press.


Sure, social media can help your business. However, your profiles need to be active in order to make a difference. If they’re not active, people will not dialogue with you on your chosen channels because they’ll assume you’re not active there anymore. Which hurts credibility. Which hurts your strategy.

Don’t hurt your strategy, people! Stay active! (Even if you do everything else “wrong”). It’ll make a difference.


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