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10 Ways to Use a Welcome Kit Template

Curious how a welcome kit can help you welcome and retain more clients? This eBook may help you out.

Welcome kits aren’t just for new client onboarding anymore. Did you know you can create so much more with a multi-purpose welcome kit template? You’re in luck… because today you’re going to learn how to get more miles out of your client welcome template kit, assuming it’s a multi-purpose one like what I’ve created for you!

Not only will you save time emailing back and forth with a prospective client/customer about how you work, what your process is, and payment arrangement details, etc., but you’ll be able to write many more useful business documents to help customers and future clients get to know you, your business, your products and services with style and ease.

Client Onboarding Welcome Kit

Let’s start with the obvious. Emailing back and forth is cool; new client onboarding welcome packets are even cooler. Unless you really like email and keeping track of what you’ve communicated.

A welcome kit serves as a reference guide to give new clients information on how things operate in your business. It can also help you establish your brand further, creating a professional, branded look, and provide your client with a sense of confidence in doing business with you. What are the expectations? What’s the timetable for completing the project? How does the work get done and by whom? What documents need to be provided for you to get the job done? These are things that can be communicated in a client onboarding welcome kit.

A solid, informative new client welcome kit iis going to have about 24 pages to it. It’ll help you set the tone, lay out the terms of the project, communicate expectations, and inform your new client about the payment terms. These are the recommended pages I would include as part of your new client welcome kit, which you can find in the shop:

Mission and Values
About Me/Us
Meet the Team
What to Expect
How I Work
Process Description
Communication Guidelines
Project Summary
Project Timeline
Important Dates
Tools & Resources
Client Checklist
What I Need from You
Payment Schedule
Payment Plan
Payments & Cancellations
Client Invoice
Next Steps

Purchase of a New Product

Some products require some explanation, and a welcome kit to the product is the perfect way to do just that as well as introduce other related or helpful products.

Here are some things to cover in the product welcome kit: 
1) How do they access the product?
2) Are there supporting links to resources?
3) How do they use the product?
4) What software will help them further?
5) Where should they go for support on the product?
6) Answer any FAQs about the product, especially how-to’s and future releases/improvements

Show your customer other products they’d most likely benefit from by introducing “related products” into your new purchase welcome kit. They might not have scoped out your entire shop, and it’s happened to me before as well, just as a customer, where I was completely unaware of a bundle, a membership option, or other products the creator had that would assist me with a project more in full. Here, use the product showcase pages referenced in the multi-purpose welcome kit on my shop. You can build a mini catalog of sorts to showcase your other offerings. Product intro kits don’t have to be complicated. But used correctly, and containing enough information, these could lead to additional sales you might not have made without it.

These are the recommended pages I would include as part of your product introduction kit, which many pages are included in the welcome kit located find in the shop:
About Me/Us
Product Description
Tools & Resources
Payments & Cancellations
Next Steps
Related Products / Promotional Page

Once you’ve made a welcome kit for your new product, be sure to mention to the customer in the product description that your helpful tips and resources, along with instructions are included as part of their download. This helps reassure the customer that they’re going to get the assistance necessary to use their product or download to the fullest capability possible. On my own download sheets for digital products, I tend to mention my membership, my flagship product. Don’t be afraid to add a few calls to action in your kit.

New Subscriber Signup

Go beyond the welcome email, because that is something that “has been done”. Give your new readers the dirt they’ve always wanted.

Who are you?
What are you doing currently in your business?
What’s unusual about you?
How did you get where you are today?
What was your path to what you do now?
What’s your specialty?
Do you have a list of products you’d like to highlight?
What websites do you run?
Tell them a little bit about your personal life – family, marriage, what you do during the day, or a behind-the-scenes look at your office space!

The goal here is to welcome them into your worldview. Give them insight into what you’re about, who you are, what you offer, and how you can help them. After all, it’s about what’s in it for them, not you, right?

It’s pretty easy to craft that introductory welcome email, but it’s a bit tougher to decide how to steer your new reader to what to do next. The options are endless, right? Just think about it. Take a step back. What do you want them to do next? “I want them to buy from me, dammi!”

Right? Well, they might not be ready to buy just yet. They could be lurking, kicking tires, pondering, and working on their trust level with you. But the important thing is to give them direction, well two, actually. A safe route for “tire kickers” is to direct them to additional resources you have, along with low-risk offers that are under $10. This will help you introduce them to some of your best collection of information, and will continue their path with you towards a level of trust.

For example, you might have a $7 download that is filled with all sorts of goodies as an introductory “power pack”, similar to what I offer on my own site for new subscribers. Or, you can get them into your resource library where a bunch of your ebooks or business resources are. Your new subscriber might be wanting something specific, and may have no use for your flagship product or huge masterclass. But, they might be a customer of yours for something more niche or specific.

I’m a prime example of a specific solution seeker. I may not have a use or a need for a blogger’s masterclass or big product offer, but I may need something specific to solve a challenge I’m having. Keep that in mind when you introduce your new subscriber to your paths. Path 2 or the “direct move to kill” approach is much more in-your-face, but still effective.

A compelling offer that offers a solution or full system approach to solving a challenge, combined with an attractive price, can be introduced in your new subscriber welcome kit, even if you haven’t taken their temperature or pre-qualified them yet for level of interest.

I’ve made some instant purchases in the past (spontaneous, excitement-driven) that have been great, and some that have been instant buyer’s remorse type purchases.

To be honest, I’ve only asked to be refunded on a digital product one time in my life, and that was for a “blogger cookbook” that was backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, was $27, and only had 5 actual pages of incomprehensible mix-and-match content which was info lifted from the internet. It’s products like that which give online customers reason to pause and check you out before investing in anything… so path 2 leading to a flagship product or anything over $10 better be good, and it needs to be full of valuable info. #justsaying

7 More Ways to Use a Welcome Kit Template to Promote Your Business

Now that you have the first three, are you curious about the other 7 documents you can create from the multi-purpose welcome kit template? Enter in your details below and I”ll send it to you for free.

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