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3 Reasons Why Styled Stock Photos are Awesome

“Styled stock images” are photographs designed and produced with web and brick-and-mortar business owners in mind.

Why are styled stock images so awesome? I’ll tell you why here in a minute… first, if you’re not familiar with the term, styled stock images, here’s the lowdown.

What are styled stock images?

“Styled stock images” are photographs designed and produced with web and brick-and-mortar business owners in mind. Online entrepreneurs, bloggers, graphic artists and web designers all make use of them, but so do local businesses trying to make a presence on the web.  Styled stock photos come in all color schemes and make use of all kinds of props or accessories – flowers, office supplies, cameras, makeup, health items, household items, electronic devices, people, etc.  They range from flat lay photo styles to mockups, close-ups, model images and still-life images. There has been a surge in more feminine images especially geared toward women business owners, so the opportunity to pick and choose your favorite styles never stops growing!

Brand Consistent

When you use styled stock photography, the images help you stay brand consistent – the tone, color, and use of fonts all go into creating a cohesive look to your overall online image. The plus to having an exclusive collection of your own is that they are original.  Inconsistent images can throw a monkey wrench into your perfectly-planned branding strategy. Thoughtfully, and with intention, use styled stock images and makeover your feeds and posts. You’ll bring style consistency and color cohesion to all the images your customers see from your brand.

Save Time

How much time do you spend hunting down photos and images and will match your brand? Hours a month, right? Having an unlimited supply of styled stock images on hand allows you to breath easier – knowing that if life gets a little too busy every once in awhile and you still need to get that post up, you can rely on professional stock images to keep your business consistently connected with your customers in just a few seconds!

Look Professional

Professional brands use professionally-prepared content. That goes for visual content, as well. Not everyone knows how to fine-tune a DSLR, and hiring a photographer can get spendy. Utilizing the growing resources of professionally-photographed styled stock images out there helps your brand look legitimate – because it is!

I hope these tips help you contemplate your overall brand and your online appearance. If you need help with a consistent look and feel, regardless of how many different-looking products you have, I’m here to help you with not just a branding solution, but also a social media strategy to get you noticed – get the followers, buyers and subscribers that you crave.

Free Styled Stock Photos

Here are some free styled stock photos from my own collection I think you might enjoy. Happy creating!

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