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3 Ways to Automate Social Media

So how do we balance it all and still have time to create? Here are 3 ways to automate social media.

…So You Have More Time to Write

I love writing and designing new images, and I know a lot of you, do, as well. But then there’s this business of writing thing that we have to worry about too, along with social media. So how do we balance it all and still have time to create? Here are 3 ways to automate social media.

I automate. Practically everything. Automation is not a dirty word by any means. I still interact with people online on a healthy basis. But the business of following people that would normally take hours of my day is something that could be automated for me. So I do that. I don’t need to manually post things every 15 minutes – I can automate that. Anything that you would normally do manually can pretty much be automated these days. Including liking images, retweeting and liking tweets, as well. If it’s genuinely what you would do anyway, there’s no harm in automating.

I’m not sure why automation became such a “bad thing” – perhaps some people misused its intent and gave off a bad vibe. They probably didn’t get interaction from something automated and just assumed that the person automating didn’t care enough to message back. Some people feel that automation is not authentic or even transparent. I find that a healthy balance of both live interaction and automation is the best course of action for me, being a busy mom of 6 kids and a house and business to run behind the scenes.

Today I’m going to share three apps that I use faithfully without hesitation because of their sheer power, features, and ease of use. These are no-hassle apps that make the world of difference for me (and trust me, I’ve tried out a ton of them). Once you get moving with them, you’ll quickly realize just how freed up your time can get!


I use SEMRush to automate my posts and keep them looping for Google, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. By doing this, I stay present and don’t have to worry about what I’m posting for the day. Anytime I have a new post, I just add it to my post rotation and update it to post every so many hours, and bam, I’m done. I take the weakest post down and put the new one in its place. Over time, I’ve seen interaction increase and some of my best posts now have click-through traffic.


Tailwind continues to get more powerful as updates are in the works to offer even more features. I use this to communicate with my Pinterest tribes, get my pins sent across various boards in one swoop of a click, and establish a timeline of when my pins and posts on Pinterest and Instagram get made.

Part of why I love Tailwind for Instagram is that I can easily add and save my hashtag lists without having to type them or copy/paste all the time. Another reason is it provides a layout of how your Instagram account is going to look in the future with your scheduled, aligned posts, so I can make sure my double chain grid doesn’t get messed up in the process. And, I can type out a lengthy message or story to go along with my post.


If you’re into saving time and productivity is your thing, then these three apps are definitely worth taking a look at. All three have incredible, useful reporting that will let you know how you’re doing and give you the feedback you need to make some critical blogging decisions.

All three will cut down on the amount of time you’re working on social media so you can get back to writing and designing. After all, that book is not going to write itself!

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