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3 Ways to Go Viral on Pinterest

3 Ways to Go Viral on Pinterest. Who wants to go viral and have their site blow up with sales?! First, we have to start with an epic post.

Alright – this is a great post because I’m going to tell you 3 (three) ways that you can go viral on Pinterest. Exciting, right?! Who wants to go viral and have their site blow up with sales?! Me!

  1. First, we have to start with an epic post. I mean, the type that literally helps a person breathe and they’ll suffocate without it. You know the type – the mega-list post that has a gazillion resources listed that are gold mines to your readers. Yes, this is where you point them away from your blog but it also helps your blog establish credibility and also tells Google “my site is related to these types of sites”, and you’re bound to boost up a few notches in the Google ranks by doing so. I recommend doing a resource list post – the kind where they’ll need to pin it somewhere to remember to refer back to it over and over again. Make it super easy for them to pin it on their board by saying something like, “Too busy to read the entire article now? Pin it for later!”. There, it gets pinned for easy referral access and they can come back to read it when they have more time. The reason I say it has to be epic is because you can’t just have a lame update post and have it go viral. It has to be something amazing – useful – to have it go viral.
  2. Then, we’re going to design the pin so that it’s beautiful. Gorgeous. Extraordinary. Unlike a lot of the other pins out there, but still on-brand with your style. Make sure the title is clear, and offer a free download as part of your post. Make sure people can see a snippet of the document they’ll be receiving as part of the post – this makes it click- and pin-worthy so much more than just your standard post. Make the post LONG. Longer than your other ones. This post/pin is special. Uber special – so make sure people will take notice. Refrain from using glitter and sparkles; that’s not what this post needs. Just a little extra attention, is all.
  3. Pin and share with your tribes and post on your group boards. I belong to 11 tribes and we all re-pin each other. Tribes help your pins go viral, as do group boards. I’ve had quite a few of my pins go viral and they’re STILL getting repinned. And it was just because I took my time with the title, the image, length and content of my pin and post.

Most importantly, and this should probably be step 3.5, is to be ACTIVE on Pinterest. Pinterest rewards visibility to accounts that are active and repeatedly share quality stuff. Otherwise, their algorithm buries you. I know, it sucks. But “user voice” is part of their systematic approach, and that means you have to be putting out quality material and pinning/re-pinning on the regular. DO that, and they’ll reward you with free online web traffic. It’s been amazing for my blog, and I know it will be the same for yours, as well.

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