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30 Inspiring Pinterest Boards for Authors and Writers

Pinterest isn’t just for finding the perfect recipe, finding bookish crafts to do or visually planning your storyline. Nope. It’s so much more than that. Used correctly, it can be your go-to-place for marketing, inspiration, ideas, and income.

If you want to find inspiration that is bookish, writer-ish, and author-ish, Pinterest is the place to be. And I’ve selected 30 inspiring Pinterest boards that you as a writer will definitely want to follow.

(P.S. Be sure to follow me on Pinterest – over 4 million monthly viewers!)

1. Writing Tips by Kerrie Legend 

Let’s start with one of mine, because I’ve curated this board pretty well. This writing tips board has everything from word replacement options to master lists for characters, plots, names, etc. So check this one out because I think it’ll help you!

2. Ink and Quills Writing Tips Board

This is a BIG board by Ink and Quills, and it’s considered a group board so lots of people (specifically writers) can contribute their best writing tips to it.

3. Jorden Makelle of Creative Revolt

Love the creativity and boldness of her boards. Follow her entire profile to get the full impact of her pins. She’s also very much into freelancing over at

4. Jody Hedlund’s How to Edit Board

Super colorful resource for writers who don’t like to send their manuscript to their editor in a, um, less than wonderful status.

5. Shauna Philp’s Writing Tips Board

Oh yes. Shauna has a beautiful board setup with all sorts of writing tips. I also love her board covers and that she took the time to make them so lovely. Well done, Shauna!

6. Writers Relief’s Getting Help With Your Writing board

Improve your writing with this board – character names, master your dialogue, plot yourself silly right there.

7. Book-Inspired Crafts board

Bookish crafts and inspiration right here. Super cool board I think you’ll love!

8. BookBub’s Pinterest Profile

If you’re like me, sometimes you’re so busy doing things that you miss all the cool releases. BookBub hooks you up with everything new and it’s beautifully categorized by genre so you can pick and choose which boards you’re really into there.

9. Book Riot’s Cover Lovin’ Board

Get yourself out of your genre’s design rut with some inspiration here. Not every cover in the genre has to have the same look. Discover. Explore. Be bold, my friend.

10. NaNoWriMo’s Writerly Inspiration Board

I’d be silly not to include #nanowrimo’s board here. Lots of positive quotes to keep you inspired, and lovely writing help is on this board.

11. Home Girl London’s Home Office Inspiration board

Everything from inspirational and lovely home office ideas to minimalist concepts, and fancy, luxurious workspaces.

12. Levo League’s Productivity and Organization board

Tons of apps, productivity worksheets, organizational tips, and help to stay organized and get the writing job done.

13. Arts and Classy’s Blogging + Content Marketing Board

HUGE board of over 100k pins. Everything from content marketing to blogging tips. While you’re fishing around for ideas in there, it’d be a good thing to start an editorial calendar!

14. Thea Easterby’s Pinterest Profile

Thea Easterby, aka, has a fantastic Pinterest profile with all things positive and motivating. Of all the boards related to being a writer, this is the one I find to be most oriented to self-care and mindfulness. Love it. Love all of it.

15. Bullet Journal Board

Writing layouts, artistic ideas for your #bujo board covers, how to use your bullet journal with The Chunky Method (Allie Pleiter) for your writing, bullet journal layout ideas, and more. If you want to be inspired by self-made planners and calendars, this is the board for tracking your year!

16. Social Media Tips Board

Need help with your social media strategy? Need to change up your game plan and see how bigger bloggers get stuff done? This is the board you’ll want to follow.

17. Grammarly’s The Incredible English Language board

The English language is a funny thing, and it contradicts itself a lot. You’ll get a few laughs from reading these Pins, along with a reminder to always proofread your work!

18. Jenny Bravo’s Writing Tips & Books to Read

For one, I love Jenny Bravo. Her entire Pinterest profile (just follow her and all her boards will follow). You’ll find inspiration, what to do when everything you write feels like it’s sucking the big one, motivation and creativity boards. Super awesome. Love it. Love all of it.

19. Identity Division’s Laptop Cafes Board

Locate a quiet place to work on your writing projects.

20. Angie Cruise’s Work From Home Board

I like this Pinterest board because it’s organized into sections. Angie does a great job of curating pins here and keeps us all organized with those. Definitely recommend if you’re struggling with working from home.

21. Bookstagram Board

For those of you that haven’t taken the time to test or notice, #bookstagram pins (don’t hijack the hashtag, people, if it’s not a real bookstagram image – follow these basic guidelines) are performing 10x as well as standard book covers. It’s something I’ve been testing the past few months and something to note if you want to get your books in front of the eyes of readers. This board is full of various bookstagram images and inspiration for them so you know what is popular for book marketing.

22. Joanna Penn’s Pens, Ink and Notebooks Board

Inky delights, paperish and writerish supplies all over this board. A must-follow for writer gear!

23. KM Weiland’s The Write Stuff Board

Writing gifts, food for while you’re writing, and articles from KM Weiland’s blog. Excellent material and a board that I follow, as well.

24. Real Simple’s Books to Read Board

Discover new books, older books, and find new books to read. This is a great recommendation board. You can also see what’s on my own list.

25. Freelance Writing Board

Pretty popular board here with 17k followers – learn how to freelance and get paid!

26. The Write Life’s Writer’s Toolbox Board

Great compilation board of writerish inspiration and book porn.

27. Muse Mariah’s Book Cover Inspiration

I love this board because there’s such a variety of style and Photoshop technique going on here.

28. Willow Editing’s Self-Care for Writers Board

Love, love, love this board by Willow Editing. Everything self-care and positive for writers. If you need an emotional boost, here you go.

29. Bookish Things Board

This is a board that is full of ALL THE THINGS bookish. It’s seriously one of the most diverse bookish boards out there. Recommend perusing and seeing if anything wows you!

30. Fonts & Typography

One of the largest fonts & typography boards on Pinterest! Get inspired for your next book project with amazing fonts. Also, be sure to pay close attention to font combination pins as they’ll be your guide on what works well together. Hint: thick, hard-to-read brush fonts are no longer in style. Stop using them. You’ll find plenty of other wonderful fonts here to use instead.

Do you have a favorite writing-related Pinterest board? Link it in the comments and I’ll check it out! Have a Pinterest profile with branded covers you want me to check out or highlight on my blog for my readers? Link that below, too! Thanks!


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