5 Tips on Using Words to Sell

words to sell

& Reflect a More Natural, Charming You

Today let’s talk about charm – how to express your natural charming self through words in your emails, in your sales copy or wherever you need. I’ll give you some tips on what works naturally and what to avoid.

People like the words “you/your, best seller, be the first, thank you, remember, and tips”. Use these words to help convey your message – they’re simple, easy and are personal. They also help you stay natural with your tone.

People do NOT like words and phrases such as “hurry, groundbreaking, guaranteed, huge, hassle-free, and final days”. Anything that over-amps your product or service or pushes too much of a hurried, required response just doesn’t seem natural. It’s not charming. It’s sales-pitchy.

Phrases like, “I’ve put this together to help you…” and “Because you all mentioned you were having trouble with , I created _.” This works amazingly well.

Also, phrases like “The new best-seller in the shop is _ – come by to check it out!” is much more intriguing than “NEW PRODUCT SAVE 25% NOW!” – you don’t want to shout at your audience. You want to invite your audience, as if you’re inviting a friend over for tea at your place if they have time.

When I’m writing sales copy, I try to think of my best friend. How would I approach her about something new I’ve created? Write sales copy for your friend – not a complete stranger. Win her over with all the benefits, explain why it works, what it will do, how she will benefit, and why buying from you is a great thing to do.

Charm is merely about being attractive and pleasing. It’s not meant to be sly or slick with your sales copy, as we find a lot of sites that are “in your face” with sales pitches and filled with hype. Being charming with your sales copy will translate to higher sales, more volume and better return business for you. You’re polite, friendly, and likable. Keep it natural with your words as if you’re talking out loud with a friend, and you’ll have immense success.

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