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5 Tips to Polish Your Online Presence

What could I be doing differently or in addition to what I'm already doing with my social media presence to boost sales and gain followers?

So you might be asking… what could I be doing differently or in addition to what I’m already doing with my social media presence to boost sales and gain followers? Great question!

Here’s 5 Tips to Polish Your Online Presence

Be consistent with your font usage. Choose 3-4 fonts to use exclusively for your brand and stick with them on the regular. If you dabble here and there with fonts with your visual content marketing you’re going to look “all over the place” and like you don’t know what you’re doing. Choose a sans serif bold font, a serif reading font, something snazzy with a little flare and glyph accessory, and finally, an all-purpose font all caps font for smaller text that needs a little attention. For my own brand, I use Montserrat, Playfair Display, Blingtastic, and Open Sans. You’ll see my posts are consistent and similar, given everything a very smooth feel and good branding style.

Be consistent with your color guide. Choose 5-6 colors and only use those color combinations for your posts and website. Some people have taken this recommend to the “nth” degree and will also only re-pin pins on Pinterest if their color guide matches the pin. So don’t be offended if your hot orange pin doesn’t get re-pinned by someone who only re-pins pastel pink pins.

Use your own photos when you’re blogging. People are visual and scroll through a LOT of content 24/7. So if you use something generic like a picture of a laptop – while it may be good – everyone else might be using that same picture, as well, if it’s popular. If you’re not a photographer, at least stylize your photos with a template, which leads me to my next point.

Stylize your photos. I enjoy adding some flare to my graphics by adding elements to make the visual content truly unique. So instead of just posting the picture and framing it for Instagram, Pinterest and my blog, I add frames, title, subtitle, dates, my logo, brush swashes, and more. You can visit my Instagram account to see what I do.

Mix promotion up with quotes, information your followers can use or benefit from, things that are humorous but still tie in well with your brand, and don’t be afraid to promote yourself a little. Be proud of your accomplishments; just don’t make your entire feed about YOU. It’s about your audience and their needs, too.

I hope you enjoy these tips and put them to use – trust me – your social media accounts will increase in followers just for making these simple improvements. Add some interaction and bam! You’ll be on the rise.

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