ways to promote affiliate products

5 Ways to Promote Affiliate Products

Here are 5 ways to promote affiliate products. Depending on what you sell, there's a few different ways to go about marketing products.

There are lots of different ways to promote affiliate products, some of these are more creative than others. Affiliate marketing has been around since before the Internet started, so there are lots of tried and tested models that you can use and draw inspiration from. The actual methods that work best, depend really on the nature of the products and your relationship with your audience.

What Are You Selling?

If you think about it, expensive products with a smaller audience are not going to be as easy to promote as items at a lower price point with a wide consumer audience. Having said that, good marketing is all about making your product stand out from the crowd. If you can do this in positive way that resonates with your audience, you will make more sales.

Email Marketing

One of the most common mistakes new affiliate marketers make is sending their hard-earned traffic directly to the affiliate product landing page, without doing anything to try to capture more information about the people who are coming to their website.

Free Incentives

A more creative and useful option would be to offer a free item, such as a special report or checklist, related to the affiliate product you are trying to sell. Create something you know people in your niche really need. Then, using your email marketing platform (such as AWeber), create a new list, a sign-up form, and a description of the free item that will make them eager to get it.

Once they are on your new marketing list, you can tell them more about the affiliate product and any other products you wish to sell. This is far better than handing over your customers to the affiliate company and never seeing or hearing from them again.

Making the Most of Your Free Item

Once you have created the free item with your affiliate link/s, promote it widely on social media. Get creative. Speak to the needs of your target audience. And don’t forget to tell them to pass along your offer. In this way it might go viral – for even more traffic, subscribers and sales.


Reviews are the lifeblood of being an affiliate marketer. On the one hand, you need to be honest about the product. On the other hand, you need to make sales. Reviews should give people a good idea of how effective the product is and how it can transform their life.

Video Product Reviews

One of the best ways to do this might be to offer a video product review. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video can be worth tens of thousands. You can show what life will be like once they have the product. You can also create demonstration videos to show how easy it will be to use it and how effective the product is.

It can take some time to make these videos, but it can be well worth it in terms of your level of sales. It is also a chance to be as creative as you like.

There are lot of other affiliates out there selling the same products as you, so be creative and make your promotions stand out.

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