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5 Ways to Sharpen Your Social Media Skills

I want to give you some ways to sharpen your social media skills, especially if you're a business with a product or service to sell.

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Sometimes we all need a gentle reminder of why we’re on social media in the first place. To be social!

Today I want to give you some ways to sharpen your social media skills, especially if you’re a business with a product or service to sell.

It’s critical to your success as an online blogger or entrepeneur to stay sharp, active and polished online. If you deviate from your “norm”, your branding or your posting schedule, your brand will weaken.

Online, it’s essential to be social. Broadcasting has its place, especially when there’s a product or service involved. But being online – having these social media accounts – can actually connect you with real human beings that are seeking friends and allies, just like you are. Who knows? They may even become fans of your brand.

These tips will help serve as a reminder to stay active, stay polished and stay social! Here’s a few tips:

  1. Be social. Reach out to some of your followers from time to time and say hello!
  2. Try reviewing your image work – could it use some updating? Are you using best practices? Make some improvements so that your shares and likes improve in quantity.
  3. Join InstaPods, Group Boards, Twitter Chats and Facebook Groups. You can’t just be a lurker – be a contributor, but don’t get into debates with anyone online. You have a presence to establish, and a positive one is what is needed.
  4. Watch your reports and analytics. What posts are working for you? What isn’t? Ditch what isn’t working and try something completely new.
  5. Post regularly. Often times it’s easy to get lazy with posting and not have consistency. To be seen and heard online is to be present and active. Stop posting, and you will not exist.

What questions do you have about social media and establishing a routine? Anyone struggling out there with time, efficiency or skill sets? How can I help?

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