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50 Lists for Entrepreneurs & Their Bullet Journals

I’m a BIG fan of bullet journals! Personally, I think every entrepreneur should create one, because it will definitely help you stay organized. As entrepreneurs, we tend to have a lot of thoughts racing through our heads at any given moment, especially when we’re seeing all sorts of stuff online that we’d like to try. This is often referred to as shiny sparkly syndrome. There’s a way to manage it, though, and to keep your sparkly syndrome in check. Designate time for this activity, let it happen, and rest knowing that you’ve documented everything you’ve discovered in your bullet journal.

There are several benefits of keeping a bullet journal as an entrepreneur. One, it helps bolster creativity and lets you make a notebook that you won’t be afraid to doodle in. It’s in these moments that some of your best ideas may happen. Two, it helps you jot down everything that happens in your head. Say goodbye to forgotten ideas or “what was that website, again?” – it’ll all be in your bullet journal. Three, bullet journals help you discover and achieve all sorts of things. From becoming a better version of you, to achieving some of your entrepreneurial goals, you’ll quickly be able to go back and see all the tasks you achieved and challenges you overcame. It’s a journal of growth and discovery.

You can start a bullet journal with a plain notebook, or even get a fancy one with grid lines if you’d like. There are plenty on Amazon. I like to incorporate washi tape with mine, just for some added non-drawn flair. The beautiful thing about bullet journals is that yours will be unlike everyone else’s. It’s completely personalized – you designed it for YOU. It’s almost like your secret playbook. I’ve always liked thinking of my bullet journal as a secret playbook, because it contains my strategies, my blog post ideas, my resources, and everything else that I choose to share with my audience. You can do the same exact thing – make it your own.

I keep mine with me wherever I go and carry it around the house like it’s some personal attachment. It may as well be superglued to my arm. All of the sheets of paper in it dictate and help me discover my next move, my next book, my next strategy, and so on. My family makes fun of me sometimes for carrying it around like I do, like a precious artifact that no one can touch or it’ll crumble to pieces. But they also know that it’s what creates money for toys, vacations, and helps buy new goats for our farm. And that’s a win for everyone in this house. So everyone knows not to color in mommy’s special notebook.

If you’re new to bullet journaling as an entrepreneur, I figured you may need some direction with what works and what “other” people are using. You’re basically replacing all those sheets of loose paper notes from a notepad with a single notebook. No more loose papers. No more binders. You’ll be able to start a new bullet journal when you’ve outgrown your existing one. There’s no calendar unless you create one. There’s no panic involved with your bullet journal “expiring” at the end of the year (you can’t imagine the panic that saves me personally). So I thought I’d put together a shopping list on Amazon for you, in a sense, on all the things I’ve bought from Amazon for my own use for my entrepreneurial bullet journal:



Washi Tape

Down below you’ll see a pin I’ve designed for you to use for your bullet journal. These are lists to keep in your bullet journal that I feel are important. I’m sure there are more lists that you’ll want to include, but these are lists in mine. Enjoy!

Go ahead and pin the image above for your reference later! You can always come back to it when you’ve got your bullet journal ready to go. If you’re ready to start, though, create a page with each of these list ideas (pick and choose the ones you like, of course) and start putting that shiny sparkly syndrome (shiny object syndrome) to use. Discover, document, implement. Once you’ve had your fill of filling up your bullet journal with all sorts of new ideas, you can then get back to your next project at hand and complete it. Use your bullet journal to decide on your next project and get going.

And, don’t forget to reward yourself when you make an accomplishment! (Mine is buying myself Disney Barbie dolls. Don’t judge.)

Happy journaling!

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