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6 Things Every Blogger Should Know About Visual Marketing

Visual marketing is the intense use of images and graphics to spread a message. A picture speaks 1000 words. Learn about flatlays!

Image is everything, right? It is the one thing that can either help us go viral or keep our blogs among the crickets, mildly chirping along.

So… today I thought I would share 6 things every blogger should know about visual marketing. I want you to be able to go viral – to be remembered – and use quality pictures. I want you to start thinking about your strategy and where you want your blog to go. I want you to DARE to have some style. It’s important to me that as you read my blog, you’re making improvements on your own so that you can succeed, as well.

Here we go!

6 things every blogger should know about visual marketing

  1. Your viewers really enjoyed touched up photography. DO something with it – Instagram layer, add an overlay, add lighting, something. Make the picture special and meaningful – this is not a time for picking out just any image and using it. Really put some thought into it.
  2. The “throw it up there because I need a picture for my post” mindset will not work for you. There’s no strategy, objective or goal in mind when you operate your blog like that. Instead, be decisive with your image choices. If you’re going to use stock photography, make sure it’s on-brand, added to one of your templates so it fits your blog perfectly, and aligns with the message.
  3. If you’re selling something – a book – a course – a craft item – take a picture of how someone is using it. Don’t get me wrong – mockups are wonderful tools – but so is live photography. It helps your reader visualize themselves using your product.
  4. Flat lay photography is still VERY hot and I don’t see it doing anywhere anytime soon. It’s a really great trend we’re seeing and you should try flat lay with a lot of your products if you have some to sell. Make sure your lighting is right and experiment with a white flat lay along with a black flat lay. Avoid fluorescent lighting when you’re taking your pictures, and use a reflector shield when taking your photographs so that it diminishes the amount of shadow and bounces back light onto your subject.
  5. A picture speaks 1000 words plus some more. Use good ones and your post will be memorable. Try staying within the theme guidelines of your post and brand. If you traditionally use a blue/grey theme, now is not the time to experiment with a hot orange color.
  6. Your picture quality is a reflection of the time you invest in your blog. Put the very best out there. If you don’t have the time, I may have a solution for you. (Just ask me!)

If you need some recommendations for images and how to get your posts to go viral in a visual way, I recommend grabbing my “Pinterest Marketing” book, which will help you in the other social media platforms, as well.

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