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Before Your Blog Gets Big, Install the Facebook Pixel

Before your blog gets big, make sure you have the Facebook pixel installed. The code belongs in the header section of your blog.

Ah, my dear blogger friends, here’s the thing. I think Facebook makes plenty of money the way it is, so why give them more than you have to when you’re advertising? Don’t!

It’s such a simple little thing people often realize one to two month’s in after a site redesign, “oh crap! I forgot to install the pixel code!” and they’ve completely missed out on all that traffic!

Not that it has happened to yours truly. <cough cough> Ahem. Ok. Moving on.

All I’m saying is it’s a big deal, a small amount of effort, and it’ll save you money in the short and long haul. Don’t forget to do it. Because when and if you do get one of those amazing articles written and it takes off like a wildfire on social media, and you didn’t have your pixel installed, it’s going to lead to a night of “what could have been” binge wine drinking.


Before your blog gets big (and I mean, like, a big deal), don’t forget to install the Facebook pixel available to you in your Ads Manager account. It’s so easy to install, it doesn’t even need a tutorial from this friendly blogger. This is how easy it is:

  1. Go to Ads Manager in your Facebook account.
  2. Go to Pixels.
  3. Copy the pixel code.
  4. Put it just above the </head> code in your site’s header code. Save.

That’s it. You’re done. Facebook will then start collecting visitor data off of your site which you can then use as an audience.

Some of you might be new to the whole Pixel thing. Let me explain. The pixel base code tracks activity on your website, providing a baseline for measuring specific events. The base code should be installed on every page of your website. This helps develop your “audience”, which you can then use for re-marketing purposes. Meaning, the ad costs associated with delivering your ad message to people that have already visited your site once before is going to be a lot less than what it would have been targeting someone new who hasn’t visited your site. Or, maybe visited your site and you didn’t have the Pixel installed.

So if you have forgotten to do this one very important thing, before you become rich and famous, please be sure to install your Facebook pixel code on the pages of your website.

And remember to make sure that after a site redesign, to check to make sure it’s installed properly.

You’re welcome. :)

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