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Best Google Analytics Visual Report to See Opportunities

Google Analytics Social Users Flow

Google Analytics Social Users Flow

One of the best Google analytics visual reports that I have discovered has been the Social Users Flow under Acquisition (then Social/Users Flow).

I’m more of a visual person so when I can see exactly how much traffic is coming in and where from along with how the visitors are being channeled before dropping off my site it’s extremely valuable to me. So I thought I would share this report with you in case you weren’t aware that you could see something like this.

The first thing that you’ll see is where the traffic is coming from and which social media network along with visitor count. Then you’ll see what pages they are being routed to and what path they’re taking within your site going left to right. The next set is their first interaction with your site such as a click. And if you’re lucky to get a second interaction, it’ll route you to where they went to next and what they clicked on.

I have found this Google analytics report to be extremely helpful in helping me make some decisions on my website design process and helping my customers get the most out of my site based on the information that I have put out. Be sure to take a look at this report within your own Google analytics account and hopefully you’ll find some value from it as well.


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