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Blush Plush Lightroom Presets

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Lightroom presets are incredibly fun and interesting to play around with. I started creating my own when I had requests for them from clients and customers, and then started creating some for myself, as well.

I hold a strong admiration for lovely Instagram feeds like Aspyn Ovard. Perfectly curated, consistent, and the same tones and temperatures for each and every photo. I’ve had some requests for a Lightroom preset set that allows you to get the same look and feel, and today, released the Blush Plush set.

There are 11 presets that vary. #11 (referenced in the features and favorites paragraph above) is one of my favorites because sometimes, when you’re outside, the light is so bright that skin gets washed out or the white balance is so off that you almost think it’s unredeemable. Alas, it CAN be corrected with #11. Preset #1 in this bundle is my favorite all-around and universal preset for this bundle. But I also am loving #5 and #9, as well.

A lightroom preset collection like this turns the whites into brighter whites, produces a creamy pink tone, and makes the rest of the image a blush tone. You can use your phone and import them in directly from your Dropbox folder or other storage app once you download a few. Mark your favorites! The nice thing about a variety of options in lightroom presets is that not every picture is the same, so you may need to use a lightner versus one that works more for darker images.

You’ll have to let me know how you like them, too! You can find this set in my shop or under the category of Lightroom Presets.

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