Copy Cocktail – the Book

Learn how to write copy, create sales pages, get your emails opened by readers, and be persuasive with your words, with Copy Cocktail, a new book crafted to help you write better copy.

Copy is the magical cocktail for success in business, on your website, your social media posts, and everything you write.

Frustrated by not getting readers to convert into buyers? Have great products and images, but no sales? Learn to write copy, and you’ll never have to work for anyone else again. Turn those visitors into buyers.

“What exactly IS copy?”, you might be asking. Copy is also known as copywriting. It’s the mixture of words you use for your business, in your writing of blog posts, and in the text that you use to juice up any product or offering.  It also includes email subject headers to blog post titles, video titles, product descriptions, blurbs, bios, your business cards, your “about me” page, your media kit, the words that you put in books, or papers, or scripts, or post on social media. All of that text is your magical aperitif, or, your copy cocktail. These are the carefully-chosen words you use to get people to know, like, and trust you.

Copy cocktail also includes all the words you choose to use for influence and selling. This mixture of words help to express yourself and tell people what your business is all about. Whether you want to be a professional copywriter or not, your copy cocktail is your wingman, your collection of salts, sugars, bitters, and sours, that give your style, simplicity, charm, and relatability to your audience. They have the power to awaken the senses of your audience. Just as people have tendencies to judge books by their covers, your audience will judge your business and anything else you communicate by the selection and mixture of words that you use.

Here’s what you’re going to learn throughout this book:

The reason why well-written copy can still be sour and bitter, and not convert.

How to sweeten your copy’s cocktail with the STIR method.

A writing exercise to give you liquid-courage strength that practically guarantees your ability to write happy-hour quality copy most everyone will love.

How to make your reader wonder if you’ve hijacked her phone or have been looking through her browser history.

What experts intend to say when they recommend to “write like you talk”.

Word turnoffs that send your customer running out the bar without paying for their cocktail.

Examples of copywriting: before (yikes) and after (booya).

Write headlines that crave clicking

How to write your about page while balancing your customer and your talents

The one ingredient you need to make sure your customers take action

Methods to fill your creative well when you’re stuck.

Bar party tricks to write your best content. Ever.

Some of my favorite exercises to get your writing flow going, along with creating themes.

Ready to learn how to write copy that you can use in all aspects of your marketing? Snag this book today and get to writing!

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