Kickass Social Media Strategy

Create a Kickass Social Media Strategy

What does a kickass social media strategy look like? Read this post and find out if you have everything you need!

A little motivation today. It’s time to create a kickass social media marketing strategy! What makes a strategy a kickass one? A strategy that not only changes up your game, but also conquers a lot of things that have been holding you back.

Now, a kickass strategy to ME is one that is easy, doesn’t take up a lot of my family and personal time, and gets results. Sounds brilliant, right? Well after 4 months of blogging, still running a side business and hustling after 6 boys in the house plus a husband, I had to figure something. And, after carefully crafting something together, I found out I had MORE time to spend with my family, wasn’t rushing to get blog posts done for the day, had better graphics, and my followers boosted. (Follow my blog and I’ll keep you in tune with some of the changes I made.)

Don’t have a lot of followers? FIX IT! Start with a strategy that cultivates followers – what do your customers want? What do they need? What problem can you solve? Alright – now create something that either entertains them or solves a problem. Then, go get them. Woo them with all sorts of things that you’ve created to get them to follow you. Keep it interesting. I’m changing things up all the time. Try following people and engaging with them online.

What about sales? Don’t have a lot? FIX IT! Create a strategy that addresses your sales problem. Where are you going to be online to generate sales? How can you make your product better? Are you focused on consistency? Quality? Do you have a plan to collect data on your website? If not, develop a strategy to get data.

Remember – a kickass social media marketing strategy is about setting some guidelines on how you’re going to effectively put yourself in a position where people will 1) follow you 2) download your materials 3) buy your products and 4) return to you for more. Goals are about achieving certain metrics. Tasks are about actions that will get you to achieve your goals and support your strategy.

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