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Get More Writing Done by Productively Planning Your Posts

“I have no time to write!”

Sound familiar? I struggled with that, too, at one point. Then I got smart. As a mom of 6 boys and a whole business to run, I had to find a solution that built my writing platform and followers without requiring me to be writing for my blog on a daily basis and trying to think of what to say.

I know most of my followers are my fellow indie author writers and the rest are bloggers of some sort, so I can completely relate to the concept of wanting to have time to write. Well, plan to carve out more time on your calendar to allocate to this, because I’m going to help you cut down on the amount of “marketing” activity you’re doing and show you how to streamline it all first.

This post is mainly for those of you that are randomly blogging on a daily basis without much forethought except for “I need to make more book sales” or “I need to get people to sign up for this”. Panster blogging has no place in your life. What I’m going to show you is going to alleviate stress, reduce the amount of busy time you’re spending on worthless marketing and actually get you followers that you need to make your goals and strategy work.

No more panster blogging.

The first thing you have to do is plan. No more panster blogging. You need to get your headlines and blog titles established ahead of time – and I recommend doing it all in one swoop. Sit down, and spend five minutes on this. Plan the entire future month’s worth of posts. You’re probably wondering… where do you get all the ideas for 30 or so blog title headlines?

Look on Pinterest. In a few of my boards, I have pins that relate to blog titles that work, blog headlines that people will actually open and read, and so many more cheat sheets. (Hint – look at my blogging board).


Take one of the pins I have and either print it out or keep it in front of you as you’re preparing your blog headlines. The best ones that I’ve found that get opened the most are the ones with numbers and how-to’s. Now, for a fiction romance writer (like me), blogging about my book can get a little overly self-promotion-y, so I might create a headline like “3 ways my character lost her marbles” or “5 characteristics of a romantic at heart, according to ‘Fierce'”. These are articles that are bound to get opened by a curious person.

There are other headlines in some of my pins, too, that work well – even for poets. These headlines and articles can then go onto Pinterest, giving you free website traffic when pinners and Google searches locate your pin. People that try to give me the excuse that there’s no “market” on Pinterest for their genre are seriously fooling themselves. Blogging about your book just takes some creativity and planning, and the reason why most writers fail at gaining traction with their book sales and website follower growth is strictly due to lack of planning.

This takes 5 minutes.

So like I said before – this is something that should take 5 minutes to do, tops. You can then proceed from there and write your articles, which should take approximately 12-20 minutes each. I know this because that’s how much time it takes me to write one and if Jeff Goins can do it, so can you. I have faith in you!

Now, if you take my course in Social Media Strategy, I should you how to take that 5 minutes of blog planning and turn it into something BIG. Like, tens of thousands of page visits per month. Regardless of what your blog subject is. (And the bonus? You can get it all done in 8 hours a month, giving you even more time to focus on your creative projects!!!)


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