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How to Get Organized & Accountable for Your Writing

This writing planner will help you log your word count, plan your novel in 30 days, record your book log stats, and review competitors.

If you’ve ever missed a blog goal, have gone in random spurts with writing or working on your book, or feel like a complete ignoramus when it comes to leading a “blogging lifestyle”, by all means, this post is written just for you. Today I’m sharing with you a writing planner called Writer Life that you’ll actually use daily for logging, research, and planning.

Imposter Syndrome Stems from Disorganization

It’s easy to feel like you’re an imposter when your behind-the-scenes world is a complete and utter mess. Disorganized. Unplanned. Or you may feel like you’ve planned your posts and social media, but you feel like it’s not “complete”. Like it’s missing a strategy and you’re just trying to get people to sign up for your email list. Hoping they take your course, buy your product or step on over to Amazon to buy your book. You’re a mess, and it makes you feel less-than. Imposter syndrome feels like your middle name.

That new planner you bought at the beginning of the year sits blank. Maybe it’s even full. Or it hasn’t organized the one thing in your life that generates all the content and creativity. It’s frustrating, isn’t it?

A Writing Planner Created by a Writer

Well, I have good news. Sometimes, it takes a writer to know a writer. I know what you’re feeling, and what you’re going through. I finally put a writing planner together that is made for exactly what you’re trying to accomplish. You’re trying to stay organized as a blogger and possibly as a novel writer.

Perhaps you might be trying to eventually write another book (or your first book). You’re trying to stay in your niche, but need a better system – a better book writing planner. One that isn’t expensive, isn’t limited in pages, and serves both your digital and physical copy needs.

Who really needs those expensive planner sets that aren’t designed for writing? Not me. That’s for sure. No matter how hard I tried to make some of the fancier planners work, they didn’t work. They just weren’t suited for tracking writing. Or even planning blog posts, or documenting my competitors’ ranks on Amazon.

They say when something doesn’t fit what you need, to go to the drawing board and design it. So that’s what I did, and today I’m sharing with you the system that I created. I’ve been using Writer Life to stay organized with my writing, blogging, and daily word logs. It has kept me writing daily, has helped organize my thoughts and projects, and it has checklists. It helps me make sure I have everything I need before I hit the “publish” button on my blog posts.

Writer Life Planner System

I want to introduce to you my new “Writer Life” planner system. This is really exciting stuff, my friends!

Bullet journalers and writers, you’re going to love this printable (and digital!) planner pack. Not only does it give you unlimited printing options and various sizes for whatever kind of planner you have, but you can also use it with your iPad Pro (works great with the “Paper” app on iPad!) or another writing tablet that allows for PDF files.

There may be times where a clunky paper planner is best served where it belongs – on your desk. Or, times where an iPad is a better fit for your project. One of the best things about having the digital version of your writing planner system is being able to mark something up and just exporting it so you can print a copy for your binder. Having both options at your disposal is the key to staying organized.

Use This Writer Life Writing Planner Forever

This is a planner system designed for writers that you can use forever. And, you get all my updates for free. Other modules will be available in a few weeks, but you’ll have the ultimate planner for your blogging and writing activities.

Tons of free writing space, mapping, planning, categorizing, grids, outlines, checklists, to-do task lists, and inspiration is packed into this mega bundle of planning paradise.

Sneak Peek for the Writer Life Writing Planner

So for you writers and bloggers out there, here is a sneak peek at some of the best stuff I’ve put together:

  • Novel in 30 Days – want to get on track by writing a novel every 30 days? There’s a planner page just for that. It breaks down your writing goal into 3000 words per day and helps you keep track of your running total.
  • Writing Stints – want to keep track of your writing stints by date or by a project? There’s a planner page just for that. Log your start time, end time, word count, and words per minute.
  • Blog Checklist – this will help you cultivate your content so that you’re delivering for your reader – helps you outline, deliver “drive it home” points, helps you plan your keywords, category and tags, and plans for your social media posts.
  • Writing Log by Day – a daily writing log that will help you document your writing activities
  • Writing Log by Book Project – a project writing log that records your progress and writing activities
  • Book Research – perhaps one of the most valuable pieces of planning, this planner page helps you research your genre – record title, author, page counts, sub-genres, rank, bonus content, potential keywords and more.
  • Besides the 3 daily planner views, monthly and weekly views you’ll have with your calendar, you’ll have plenty of journal and graph paper that you can reprint as many times as you’d like, along with carefully designed quotes to inspire and motivate you. A 2018 and 2019 calendar is included, and you can reprint as many times as you need for book or blog advertising planning.
  • These days with reviews disappearing, maybe you want to keep track of your book reviews that you’ve done. Maybe hold Amazon or Goodreads responsible?! LOL

The Writer Life Writing Planner is Your Best Friend

This truly is a writer’s best friend when it comes to jotting down ideas, collecting pieces of inspiration both on paper and digitally, and will serve you well! As part of this pack, I also included the Writing Inspiration Pack, which has my “Today, I Will”, “This Week, I Will” etc. sheets along with designer writing section separators to keep your projects and thoughts organized.

A lot of time and thought went into this project along with designing the perfect planner for you, as a writer and blogger. I truly hope that you’ll enjoy using it and that it becomes your favorite go-to-planner for when inspiration strikes, or for when you want to keep yourself accountable to your writing projects, be it a small blog post or a major 140k word novel. 70 pages, my friend, and check out my scheduled updates and bonus add-ons.

Future Upgrades to the Writer Life System

  • Evernote template version
  • Excel spreadsheet version
  • Custom bullet journal edition

All pretty fun things that are going to be added to the Dropbox folder you’ll have access to once you get this planner system!

PS – what about tracking Amazon Ads? Yup, that’s in here, too. :) What about posting to Facebook groups – how about a page for tracking that? Sure. You bet! It’s in there.

Get your planner now! 

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