millionaire blogger fresh start workbook and planning guide

Millionaire Blogger Fresh Start Workbook & Planning Guide

I turned all my questions and things I needed to contemplate into the Millionaire Blogger Fresh Start Workbook & Planning Guide. 

I looked at my calendar. The New Year was approaching fast. Where did the year go? What happened to all this time I thought I had to get some more projects done? I turned all my questions and things I needed to contemplate into the Millionaire Blogger Fresh Start Workbook & Planning Guide

I needed to jot down some notes. What went well? What didn’t? But then I realized I needed to get even more organized than ever and really get down to some core aspects of my marketing and writing plans. Planning for the new year was going to require a project all by itself. I went into my bullet journal, collected pieces, asked myself some questions, and I realized what I needed was a workbook to put this all these thoughts and plans together.

And a workbook like that did not exist.

Until today.

Blogger and author friends, a project that I’ve been working on for the last 3 weeks is finally coming to fruition.

I have a new workbook planner that is sure to get you organized and your plans for your blog and writing projects in order for the new year. It’s my new “Millionaire Blogger Fresh Start Workbook & Planning Guide”… and it’s going live next week.

And I’d love some of you to get an early sneak peek! So if you’d like to receive an ARC printable copy (it’ll only be made available digitally off my website and in paperback format, because you know… you need to be able to write on it) sign up to be a part of my ARC reader team and get your copy right now (for FREE, ahem).

Now. Here’s the thing. Only 20 copies are going to go out on ARC status. So first come, first serve. So sign up right away to get one. I’ll be sending out PDF copies when I’ve finalized and uploaded the files.

The planner is a 170-page strategy-oriented guide to help you answer some thoughtful questions about what happened this past year and what you can do differently. It’ll also help you identify things you need to do differently to improve, help you plan hashtags, watch your “competitors”, do some research, and so much more. And it’s all broken up into monthly and 90-day plans so you can outlay your goals and tactical plans in advance.

I’m using it myself. So you could say that it was designed with the blogger AND author in mind.

Looking forward to seeing you guys use this to plan out an incredible new year of blogging and writing. Hope you’ll check it out!

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