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Must-Have Author Software

Yesterday I was taking a break from the 4th of July festivities and happened to stumble on something majorly awesome. What I would classify as a must-have in tech for authors and writers.

I had been searching high. And low. For 2 effing years for something that wasn’t clunky or cheesy looking. I didn’t find or discover this (God, have I been blind?!) until YESTERDAY. Game-changer.

I was drooling. This tech allows your readers to have a virtual book reading experience. Right on your website. I get a little excited in this video. Forgive me. I’m stoked.

Fast-loading, stunning, fun to play with, and gets people clicking around (key to getting visitors to stay on your site longer).

OMG look at this beautiful online book! It’s amazeballs.

When I saw the potential of this tech, which you can install on a subdomain without impacting anything on your author website (so you’d have TWO sites with more traffic instead of just one and more SEO), I was floored. Beyond excited. Like, over the moon.

And then I was like… think of all the things I can do with this!

It’s perfect for creating an online e-book, magazine, personal resume or photo gallery, even selling products such as a “shop my favorites” type of thing. You can organize everything as a flipping book on your website, bringing your visitors an extraordinary reading and shopping experience!

The setup tech? Well, it’s not for a novice WordPress user. It does require an extensive setup process. Which will give you a headache. But have no fear, Kerrie is here.

I will not only install this for you, but I will also establish a subdomain for you based off of your existing site (allowing the reader experience to be unencumbered by sidebars, ads, and other junk), import your branding, set up 5 books or eBooks for you, and then make a tutorial video for you so you know how to set up your books. Once it’s set up, it’s a no-hassle thing. It’s the SETUP that is a bit of a pain in the arse. Again, not for the faint of heart.

But this gets my stamp of approval and recommendation. I’ve already started generating Pinterest posts to go straight to my subdomain for my readers so they can read a snippet like a first chapter from each of my books and have a cool experience doing that.

If you want this (and I think I know you do), it only takes me about an afternoon to get everything configured. Put in an order and we can exchange info so we can get you your own book reading book flipping online reader-thingy experience for YOUR readers!


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