NEW PRODUCT/SERVICE email sequence


An email sequence funnel template created to launch new products with storytelling, reasoning, identification of needs, goals, wants, desires, and challenges, and sell the product.

3-Set, 21 email COLLECTION

21 unique email sequence templates to drive sales from pre-launch to cart closing

the email sequences

the essential collection

The Essential Collection is a well-written standard (but original) email sequence that includes pre-launch through cart/sale closing. This collection has 7 launch emails to handle pre-launch day, launch day, the details, the why, testimonials and case studies, overcoming barriers, and the final email, the announcement of the last call for the launch sale / promotional pricing.

the storytelling collection

This collection of 7 emails moves your reader from pre-launch to cart closing / promotional end all while sharing stories about your product/service, challenges, barriers, defeating the monster, and understanding the hero. Plus, the last email ends with a thoughtful message about how the story ends. 

the personal experience collection

The Personal Experience Collection allows you to pre-launch and close your cart with a personal touch. In this set of 7 email templates, you’ll be able to share your real-world experience, and help your customer understand why you created your new product/service, which is probably one of the most important emails you can write.


  • 21 email sequence funnel templates in all; choose from 3 different types or styles of email sequences for variety in each of your launches; you control the timing and content!
  • Includes suggestions for subject headlines
  • Email body copy clearly labeled with fill-in-the-blank fields indicating what kind of content should be placed
  • Footnotes explaining ideas and why the sentence/question is being posed (what it does)
  • Filler text to easily insert your specific audience type, niche, and business details
  • Easy copy & paste from Evernote and Scrivener
  • Neatly organized and labeled by type of sequence and order of email
  • Plug & play!
  • Adjust wording with minor alterations to suit your needs, brand voice, and mission
  • Personal tone & human voice, unlike ChatGPT/AI writing
  • Completely done for you, with absolutely NO AI!
  • Wording focused for introduction of products and services to give your reader solutions to their challenges. Includes pre-launch all the way through cart closing/sale promotion end.
  • Includes Evernote document copy/paste emails (immediately available with your order) to use for your email marketing subscription service—yes! Copy and paste, modify with your specifics, and you’re all set to go!
  • 50+ pages of email funnels in a beautiful PDF document, complete with footnotes to guide you on customizing your template as well as understanding the goal of each sentence/paragraph/area.
  • Scrivener file (.scriv in .zip format) so you can edit and write, even research!


  • Solves the whole problem of “what to say” in your emails about your products and services, even courses!
  • This unique New Product/Service funnel provides pre-launch to cart closing emails, with 7 templates in each collection, so you have variety in your launches and never sound the same!
  • You’ve done enough work creating your product. Don’t let writing emails get you stumped for what to say.
  • Reuse the funnel multiple times for each of your products and aligned solutions, so you’ll maximize the usage! Follow the footnotes for ideas on modifying the sentences and paragraphs so your product launch funnels never get boring or sound the same.

what's inside

21 email templates in all, presented in order as they’re meant to be distributed to your reader. 

Access to the Evernote copy/paste templates for easy dropping into your own Evernote apps, folders, etc. so you can copy/paste into your favorite email marketing subscription service. 

Immediate access to the Evernote files so you can copy/paste the content straight into your email marketing subscription platform.

Scrivener file (backup .scriv) that holds your email templates for ease of editing, doing more research, or in the event you’re a die-hard Scrivener user like I am!

A gorgeous PDF guidebook (available on June 20) that walks you through the purpose of each email, and includes footnotes so you understand the purpose behind each sentence and paragraph, and gives you ideas on how you can modify it for your own content. 

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This new collection of 21 email templates designed to help you launch successful email marketing campaigns for your products, services, and courses. Launches live on June 20! Pre-order now!

Experienced Copywriting & Email Marketing Writing

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Introducing the new product / service launch email Sequence Funnel Template collection, written by Kerrie Legend.



What’s Inside:

  • Instant access to the template in a 50+ page, beautiful PDF digital download file format (compatible with PDF reader programs, like Preview, Adobe Acrobat Reader, etc.) Includes footnotes from Kerrie Legend to describe the purpose of the sentence / paragraph, how to customize it, and ideas for modifying the area for other uses.
  • Additional access to the email text template in Evernote file format (easy to copy/paste and edit text from Evernote to your email marketing subscription service).
  • Future template updates
  • Scrivener (.scriv) backup file in .zip format for ease of writing, editing, research, and more—perfect if you’re a Scrivener user or want to become one!
  • 21 email templates designed to bring awareness and promote your products, services, and courses
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