Pinterest Marketing Amplification – the Book

Pinterest Marketing Amplification is the sequel book to Pinterest Marketing: 80k to 14+ Million in 3 Months. Read about the 7 methods to amplify your Pinterest account so you can better reach your ideal audience.

New Pinterest Marketing Amplification Book Helps You Amplify Your Presence

Why amplify on Pinterest? Isn’t pinning 4 images per post or page enough? Shouldn’t looping pins keep my content in front of Pinterest users? Is paying for tribes in Tailwind really worth it? Why should I worry about spreading out my images and evaluate my pinning frequency? What’s the deal with promoting ads? Do I need to spend money in order to be found? How can I get more people to be more aware of my brand? None of my landing pages are converting even though I get a lot of Pinterest traffic—what am I doing wrong? The new Pinterest Marketing Amplification book is your answer to straightening out your pinning strategy.

So many questions. I have a lot of answers for you. 

Pinterest Marketing Amplification focuses intensely on content creation, efficient pinning, and search, so you can get back to writing and creating. For example, how to get more pins out there streaming in a steady flow of pre-qualified readers to your website. Numbers and analytics—what matters and what to look at closer than what you might currently be. The mindset of the user. Writing clever headlines, making preview pins and drawing a pre-qualified audience into your world. But most importantly, how to get you to the point where you have a winning strategy—defined as incoming sales coming in so routinely that you’re able to rank on whatever platform you’re selling on, be able to count on a more frequent sales trend, and plan new products with confidence.

Create remarkable posts so you can use pieces of it to build your pillars of content. Spend more time creating and writing while Pinterest helps you find your future customers who are already expressing an interest in what you offer. 

That’s why we’re on Pinterest in the first place, right? To find our people. To get them to see us for the talented writers and creators and sources of inspiration that we are. To generate sales.

I have looked forward to writing this book for so long. Took three months to document and get everything down in an organized fashion for you, but it was worth it. YOU are worth it. 

I fricking love this book. I hope you will, too.

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